Thursday, June 04, 2015

goth life.

Who the fuck am I these days? I have never before in my life been the type of person who veers towards the black clothes in the shop. So why now? Why is half my wardrobe a black abyss? I'm hiding. I'm trying to make myself invisible. A spy. A funeral guest. It's not me and it never has been. Why now? The identity crisis. I need help. I need to change. I'm not sure who I am anymore but I know that I am denying a certain part of my identity - the part that is drawn to obnoxious colours, tacky clothes and MAKING A STATEMENT. But what am I so scared of? I mean, it's not as if the goth look is doing me any favours. In this heat, with this level of sweat, I still look fucking disgusting. So what's the point?

I need to stop eating shit food, I need to exercise, and I need to wear whatever the fuck I want to wear.

I also need to write more.

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