Sunday, December 07, 2014


Today was my first day back at work/school after five days off. I had the worst sleep ever last night: I slept peacefully from 10 pm to midnight and then I was awake for at least two hours sweating and rolling around and then my alarm went off at 5:30 am. Excellent. School wasn't too bad though. I was sort of unprepared though and had zero clue of what I was doing in grade 6. But it worked out in the end. I got my Emirates ID today as well which meant that I was finally able to open a bank account. After school I stayed around in my grade 4 classroom and did some planning for the next two weeks (after which I'll be flying home to lovely √Čire!). I got a taxi home and had a quick Google of local banks. I ended up going with Emirates NBD which is in the nearest mall - Al Nasserya. It's handy because I know exactly where it is and I could easily walk there if I had to. I signed up for a credit card along with a current account but it's unlikely I'll have the credit card before I go home for Christmas, which is annoying because dolla dolla bills. Ah well. After the bank, I popped into Carrefour supermarket and got some random kitchen utensils, a candle, tissues and conditioner. Then I got a sneaky McDonald's. Yuck. It's weird because I haven't even been craving McDonald's lately - probably because it's so ubiquitous - and yet I went and ate far too fucking much of it anyway. Now I'm at home drinking a bottle of cider and contemplating doing lesson plans of some description. I might ring my mother as well. Miss that lady.

Ring now I don't feel as catatonically depressed as I normally do. Win.

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