Monday, December 08, 2014

hating lyf bcuz boys don't luv me.

School wasn't awful today. Yay. It was pretty standard, nothing special. I rushed to get a grade 6 lesson plan written so that I could go to the Irish Village (pub) in Dubai for the turning on of the Christmas tree. Got the lesson plan done and went for a nap after school so that I'd be fresh for Dubai but of course that didn't happen: I woke up groggy and cranky. What's new? But I put on some make-up, a pair of shorts and that Such Christmas t-shirt I have since last year. And off I went. I had a pint and hated life because a boy doesn't love me. But me and Brigid had such lovely chats so all is well. :)

I'm here in bed at the moment with all my make-up still in place and half-typing up that lesson plan that has to be emailed to Scott before morning. It's 11 pm. Ugh.

I set up a bank account yesterday and applied for a credit card. I'd love to have the credit card before I go home for Christmas but that probably won't happen. Ah well. School needs my bank account details soon otherwise I won't get paid at all. Fine, except I don't have the details yet. The bank person will email on my IBAN number as soon as he has it, apparently. And then dolla dolla bills. And as of now only 12 days, 9 hours and 5 minutes until I land in Dublin airport on December 21. :)

In the meantime, lots of early mornings and English lessons. And shouting abuse and eight year olds. Cool.


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