Wednesday, April 16, 2014

art on the go.

I became an iPhone Wanker a couple of months ago and I’m still pretty uneducated with regards to apps and faps and all the other technical mysteries Steve Jobs dreamt up after one of his frequent cheese binges. I’m up to date with the usual suspects: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter (which I never use), Blogger, Snapchat (God help me), various shopping sites like Asos and Debenhams, Instagram and the collective picture editing apps that sort of go hand in hand with it. Other than that, it feels like a battery-powered lump I carry about in my coat pocket. Before I got my iPhone I imagined that after forking out a couple of hundred €€€ I’d become a member of an exclusive club where everyone was beautiful and wealthy and had four or five boyfriends at any given time. Needless to say, my life did not transform accordingly. I’m still me. Except now I find myself looking for a vacant plug socket several times a day in order to maintain my sick iPhone habit.

Since I joined the club, I’ve noticed just how ubiquitous the iPhone is. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Phone covers are all well and good but what about some bespoke and legitimate art? I discovered Poolga today, a site showcasing works of art made specifically for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The pictures are free to download and with over 600 artists featured on the site, you won’t be stuck for choice. Personally I prefer the retro/quirky pics but there are plenty of patterns to suit the design connoisseurs as well as lots of movie themed pictures for the regular pop culture fan. My current wallpaper is the above retro shot of the wrestling(!) couple but it took me a while to decide. I also hummed and hawed over the following:
For the hipsters among you, real life art for your real life mainstream phone. Don’t say I never do anythin’ for ya. :)

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