Thursday, August 15, 2013

in which i complain about the internet, money and littlewoods ireland.

The Magic Position has been The Magic Position since the summer of 2011 but since I'm an idiot and forgot to renew the blasted thing, the blog is back to being That'll have to do for now while I weigh up my finances and try to figure out if it's worth €55 plus commission on to get back. The rate at which I'm posting these days doesn't lend itself to a private domain name but I'd gotten used to having my own slice of the internet. However, I'm poor and my list of priorities is astonishingly long. (Blogging ends up somewhere in the bottom ten. College, cakes and clothes are considerably higher.) A private domain name isn't particularly important in the world of blogging and the only reason I'm concerned about it is because I'd gotten so used to it.

Anyway, in other parts of my brain, I'm concerned about how I'm going to survive Fourth (and final) Year at college. Despite selling strawberries by the side of the road all summer long, I'm still pretty much penniless (in the Great Scheme of Things). I'm currently plotting and scheming and trying to figure out how much my body's worth to the friendly neighbourhood perverts (€3 a go?).

Also in the line of fire (metaphorical: I'm silently fuming at everyone today) is Littlewoods Ireland. I bought a Nook off eBay in June and subsequently broke it a couple of weeks later (because I'm an idiot). I bought a replacement Nook on along with a cute pink cover for a not unreasonable €60. Almost a month later and I still haven't received the items, despite numerous phonecalls to the company. I'd been planning to get cracking on some reading for college and instead I'm reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the thousandth time. I still haven't gotten any real answers from Littlewoods, apart from that they'd been getting on to the couriers. This is the first time I've bought anything from Littlewoods and it's definitely the last.

I have a handful of other issues that are driving me demented at the moment but they're hardly worth the effort of typing. In order to lift myself out of this foul mood I'm in, I'm going to go make some cupcakes. And then eat them all.

P.S. I got my tongue pierced last week. I'm a tramp now. xoxox