Thursday, May 02, 2013

princesses wear sequins. (so does prince.)

There are very few occasions in  my life when I get to feel like a princess. Sometimes I apply a bit of bronzer and I convince myself I have cheekbones but other than that it’s tights that have reached their expiry date and cans of Diet Coke that make me feel like I’m a true Sex and the City gurrrl. But, in an alternate universe, I’m famous for some obscure reason and I regularly have to attend award ceremonies and glitzy charity events where paparazzi lurk around corners waiting for me to spill coleslaw down my front – which I never do because this is an alternate universe in which I am beauty and grace.

Anyway, in this alternate universe, my wardrobe staple would be a couple of sequin dresses (a natural progression from the sequin berets I wore when I was seventeen). MissesDressy have some pretty gorgeous ones at the moment and I’m a little bit besotted with several of them. Sequins can sometimes be a bit OTT but these dresses seem classy and understated (and in an alternate universe, those words would also describe me). Here are a couple of my faves:

That last one especially is a beauty. It’s covered in the remnants of the roller disco era but it still manages to look delicate and feminine. Love!

Now all I have to do is win a prestigious award and I can doll myself up and channel my inner Adele. Crooooon.

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