Monday, April 15, 2013

update on my life xoxo

So I got the shift at the Clubs and Societies Ball (but Out in UL didn’t win any awards) and that shift led to subsequent dates and even more shifts. (The president of the chess club is a ride – who’d have thought it?)

I got that job I’d been coveting but sadly it’s only a four week contract so I need another job to fill up the other eight weeks of summer. (I have the distinct and very ominous feeling that I’ll be selling strawberries by the side of the road again. Still, plenty of time to read Ulysses ahead of next year’s Literary Modernism module.)

My Golden Semester is still intact which I think is pretty impressive when you consider my break-up, my regular bouts of depression, and my general laziness. (Of course, because of the Golden Semester, the Final Year Project has been put on the back-burner and the “Progress Report” I submitted last week was a joke: I haven’t made any progress at all. )

I am once again poverty-stricken and I’ve set myself a personal challenge: I am not going to spend any money this week. (I can get free tea and biscuits in the chaplaincy and the carbs in the kitchen should last me at least until Friday.)

In between now and the summer holidays (summer? what summer?), I’ve got four essays to write and two more weeks of classes. If anyone wants to donate some chocolate to the cause (and I am a lost cause), you can find me in the Students’ Union or Scholars’. (Stalkers/psychopaths need not apply.)

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