Friday, April 26, 2013

end of the semester existential crises + everyday existential crises.

I’ve just had my last class of Third Year. Media Discourse Analysis is about as fun as it sounds (and I’m pretty much betting my FYP on that). I’m sitting in Scholars’ and I’m exhausted. I had a nap yesterday evening but I haven’t slept since. I’ve been power-writing an essay on Victorian literature and I’ve been managing to continue breathing. I’ve also bathed and brushed my teeth and put on some slap. I feel physically sick from tiredness but I have a cup of coffee in front of me and I’m on my own and I feel pretentious and I’m having my third existential crisis in as many days. But it’s cool, you know.

Today feels like the end of an era. I mean, it’s not. I still have another week (and about three assignments) left in Limerick  before I head home for the summer. I still have a lot of packing and a lot of organising to do before then. And then it’s home for a couple of weeks, back to Limerick for another couple of weeks, back home again, and then back again to Limerick for my fourth and final year at university. Scary thought. But this time next year I’ll have submitted my Final Year Project and hopefully whatever other essays I’ll have. I might be facing an exam or two. Or I might just be facing the real world. Weird.

In the meantime, between right this minute and me eventually joining the real world, I’ve got a lot to do. I have to post a letter and I have to pay a library fine and I have to conjure up some self-esteem. Is it possible to function in the real world without self-esteem? I mean really function? I’m just about coping now but the only topics of conversation I carry around with me on a daily basis are Pubes, Homosexuality, Carbs, and Bowel Movements. I like fashion and books too but I feel I can’t say anything original on those subjects. With pubes and carbs, I probably have a story or a quip you haven’t heard before.

Existential crises are not fun but I’m on a real Alanis Morissette vibe at the moment and I guess that’s helping.

P.S. I’ve officially had a Golden Semester. I haven’t missed a single class in twelve long weeks. Click here to celebrate with me.

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