Saturday, March 16, 2013

things that are happening–a brief post.


  • I haven’t missed a single class this semester. (I may or not be going insane though.)
  • I am eating healthily. (It’s painful to see my friends eating chicken fillet rolls while I cry over a rice cake.)
  • I have started taking exercise classes. (Spinning class makes my butt hurt much more than any butt-related activities do.)
  • I got new glasses. (Cheers, Specsavers!)
  • I got contact lenses. (I can’t stop looking at things.)
  • I am in serious money-minding mode. (Did you know you can get free tea and biscuits in the chaplaincy in UL? Sound.)
  • I am a domestic goddess (packed lunches, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, etc).
  • I bit the bullet and bought … a bullet. (Possible review + gory details soon? Probably. Vom.)
  • I’m trying very hard to stop picking the skin off my fingers. (Eww.)
  • I have the Cosmic Horn. (Oh God.)

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