Tuesday, March 12, 2013

release your inner royal.

I posted last year about Queerbash 9 , in which Queers Go Native. They did. They went native. It was a great night. (I kissed a boy on the mouth. A good-looking boy.) This year is set to be even better as Queerbash hits double figures and celebrates its 10th birthday. There’ll be performances from UL Drama Soc, UL Choral Soc, DJ John Kelly, and many more, all hosted by the darling Davina Devine and the charming Candy Warhol.
I’m especially impressed with the theme this year – mainly because I’m a Kirsten Dunst obsessive. We’re channelling our inner Marie Antoinette as we roar, ‘Let them eat cake!’ It’s decadence and royalty and glamour and cake. The cake’s important. What birthday party is complete without a little sugar rush? There’ll be a free cupcake for the first 100 people in the door on the night.
Queerbash 10: Let them eat cake! Dolans’ Warehouse, Limerick City.
Friday, 22nd March 2013.
Doors @ 9 pm.
Tickets €10.

(RSVP here, you beautiful creatures!)

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