Thursday, January 24, 2013

castletroy is the new new york.

So I’m currently sitting in my apartment by myself surrounded by half wet towels and pyjama bottoms covering every available space, as near to the the radiators as possible. Brookfield’s dryers still don’t work properly – despite their showing off of their “new washers and dryers.” No, like. I just spent €2.50 to not dry my clothes. This put me in a bad enough mood to warrant getting Indian take-away delivered to the apartment. (Then again, after walking the length and breadth of Castletroy yesterday, I think I kind of deserve unhealthy food.) I made my lovely new American housemate choose my food because I wanted to pretend that I was a vegetarian from New York. (Castletroy’s not the worst place in the world but it’s no New York.)

Damp clothes aside though, Limerick’s alright. I moved back on Saturday with a car-full of my life and €90 worth of Aldi products. I unpacked some stuff and met my two lovely boys in town in a coffee shop recommended by my worldly housemate – O&F on Little Catherine St. Spent too much money on Chinese food, went home, fixed up my room, had Francis over for carbs and wine, watched Miranda (for the first time; mixed reviews) and fell asleep. Sunday was Niall and catching up and copious amounts of vodka and wine. The rest of this week has seen me trying to sort my life out. I guess it’s mostly working but I’m in need of a clothes horse like nobody’s business. I’m even toying with the idea of going home tomorrow just to steal one of my mother’s plentiful supply. Wet knickers will probably result in nappy rash. And nappy rash on a twenty-one year old isn’t very attractive. (For that matter, neither is dropping my towel and offering to show my “baldy fanny” to my gay male friend in an effort to make him vomit but I still do that. Meh.)

Anyway, classes begin at the crack of 11 am on Monday and I’m just about willing to get on board with the whole education thing again – it has been a long year of taking pointless classes. Marketing? Human Resources? Journalism? What was I thinking? Still though, those pointless classes had their ups; they gave me the opportunity to meet fabulous new people. (By which I mean I was busy meeting fabulous new people while I should have been in class.)

Back to the grindstone now – Cultural Studies, Research Methods, and writing 2,000 word essays the night before they’re due. Can’t wait.