Saturday, November 03, 2012

scotland is mainly just coco pops and shoes and not going to class.

So I've sort of been on an unplanned hiatus for the last month. I've been busy living and breathing and spending far too much money on clothes in Scotland. I won't say that I'm back for good, because it's likely that I'll get distracted again by doing uni work (did I just say “uni”?) or reading or kissing or mindlessly reblogging pictures on Tumblr.

Scotland life isn't very different from Ireland life except that food is cheaper and I have a little bit more money to spend on clothes. I'm still a complete brat when it comes to those nights out you're supposed to enjoy. Hallowe'en was the other day (as those of you in the western world will know) and I dressed up as a skeleton type person. I was fully excited for a night of drunkenness and debauchery and in the end, after trying in vain to get the right amount of imbibed, I was home in bed by half eleven. Thursday was productive though: I woke up at 4 am, cleaned my room, did all my washing, and ate a balanced breakfast of Coco Pops.

I'm trying a healthy thing at the moment where I cut down on the carbs (I could cut them out completely but my body would probably shut down due to shock) and stock up on the fruit and veg. In that regard, today was good. I ate three pieces of fruit, leftover sweet and sour chicken with a whole lotta veg, and I drank copious amounts of orange juice. As a consequence, I am so poisonously flatulent that I have to keep walking away from myself. And I thought I was doing a good thing! Maybe my body needs a good clear-out Christ.

More updates at a later date, provided I don't poison myself or those around me.


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