Monday, November 12, 2012

clothes lust.

Maybe my standards are slipping or maybe I'm delusional but I think I dress better in Scotland. Maybe it has something to do with the bitter cold air or the grey skies, but Scotland suits my style. I've always been a winter girl anyway.

I complained a lot during the summer about the heat. For me, heat means sweating. It means wearing skimpy outfits that simply don't suit me and either going without make-up or watching myself sweat it off throughout the day (by which I mean, in the space of twenty minutes). Most of my summer was spent by the side of the road selling strawberries. Selling strawberries is a handy number but a medley of mud, sweat, rain, and strawberry juice gets pretty grim after a while.

With strawberries behind me for the time being and thick woolly jumpers being bang on trend, I'm in my element. I'm loving dark colours, skater skirts, and defined eyebrows. I'm on a real shoe binge lately too, having splurged on these two beauties within a couple of weeks of each other. (Topshop boots £40, Office creepers £20.) 

I'm also lusting after one of those iconic satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company. These bad boys are said to last for years and I reckon it might be a good investment. Lately I've noticed that my old reliable Topshop satchel is too small to carry all the bits and pieces I need on a daily basis (winter also means having to carry around packets of tissues and an umbrella, while my scattered brain means having to carry around a notebook and pen at all times). The 15” Batchel would suit me down to the ground. But which colour to go for? I'm torn between yellow and baby pink. At over £100 a pop, it'll be a while before I can gather the funds (or organise a fundraiser) to pay for one of these pieces of iconography but it's going to happen! 

Also on my list of necessities is a new laptop. Mine is on the way out. My trusty Sony Vaio purchased for Christmas about four years ago could really do with being euthanised. The charger's temperamental, the battery doesn't last pissing time, the disc drive is buggered, and overall it's as slow as a funeral procession. Though I need a new laptop, it kills me to have to spend upwards of €300 for something that I can't wear. Or eat. Or live in. 

P.S. I'm ill today so if you want to email me some sympathy, that would be okay with me. x

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