Sunday, September 30, 2012

jovani dresses.

MissesDressy approached me recently to check out some of their gorgeous designer dresses. I know Debs season is just about over in Ireland (save for some of the more middle-class city schools) but if you’ve just started Sixth Year and you’re ahead of the pack and on the hunt for the perfect frock, look no further. I just wish it was 2010 all over again and I could splash out on one of these beauties!

MissesDressy’s Jovani Dresses collection is particularly glamorous. Think A-List Celebs, Red Carpets and you looking absolutely stunning at the next UL Clubs and Societies Ball, for example.

Here are a couple of my favourite dresses from the Jovani collection (I’m on a girly vibe and I have a real fetish for feathers at the moment):

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