Saturday, September 15, 2012

adventures in scotland.

My adventures in Scotland started last night after a long, long, hungover day of travelling. Friday saw me in a dentist’s chair, an orthodontist’s chair, and a piercer’s chair all in the space of a couple of hours. My teeth are pretty healthy, I’ll be getting my braces off in January, and my right nipple is pierced. I also ate my weight in breaded chicken in KFC with Shona, bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and spent the night in the pub drinking pints and acting the maggot. With grazed knees and bruised elbows, I climbed into bed at 5.40 am. Up again at 10, shower, orange juice, in the car to Waterford. Ate a roll on the way and the sweetcorn turned my stomach.

JJ Kavanagh bus for three hours and forty-five minutes. Dublin airport. Check in my grossly overweight suitcase and somehow, miraculously, avoid paying a fee. Eat at McDonald’s. Go through security. Pop into Claire’s Accessories for some cute earrings and a light-bulb necklace (as a treat for not having to pay for my suitcase). Get on the plane amid harsh Glaswegian accents, cute boys, and the odd North Dublin twang. Get off the plane. Collect suitcase. Shuttle bus to Glasgow Central train station. Train to Hamilton West. Taxi to university halls. (Taxi driver not particularly friendly.) Sweat profusely. Unpack somewhat unsuccessfully. Get some mediocre chicken curry from the Chinese across the road and share with my flatmate, Fiona. Attempt to bond over strangely-coloured curry.

Discover to my dismay that one of the balls of my piercing has fallen out and disappeared. Search all over my room. No luck. Put on pyjamas gingerly so as not to move my piecing. Dress bed. Sleep gingerly. Wake up in the middle of the night with blocked sinuses and a snotty nose. Sleep terribly thereafter.
Wake again at half nine, have a shower and get dressed – cute dress because I want to feel human today. Make plans with Fiona to go to the shops. Go to shops. Buy food and clothes hangers and a bin and a lamp and washing detergent. Discover lamp is of the kind which requires screw-in bulbs rather than the familiar ones I’ve already bought. Consider returning the lamp.

Cook some noodles. Meet an Irish boy. Feel slightly better about being in a country which is not Ireland. Eat noodles. Bond with German flatmate, Julia. Talk about the German language and trashy celeb magazines. Hang up clothes on brand new clothes hangers. Worry about my nipple piercing. Vow to locate a body art place in Glasgow ASAP. Still haven’t talked to anyone from home. Still have no internet. Induction and enrolment tomorrow. Excited and nervous. Building is literally beside the halls of residence though so v. convenient.

Going to Morrison’s later with lovely German flatmate, Julia, to purchase milk and bread and shampoo. Have already resumed student habits of eating noodles and cold baked beans – not together but in quick succession.

The girls I’m living with are all post-grad students which is weird. They’re not likely to be binge drinkers or alcoholics in the making. Hopefully the people in my course will be. I could hang out with some first years but they’re far too enthusiastic for my liking. I’m in third year at home so I’m passed the feeling of freedom you get when you move away from home for college. I know that I can drink or eat or play whenever or whatever I want. It’s not amazing anymore and I certainly don’t feel the need to apply fake tan in order to do it. So I guess I need to find some mellow third-year alcoholics to hang out with.

My allergies have flared up like nobody’s business – hence the blocked sinuses last night. Must procure some Clarityn tablets. Am in desperate need of a cup of tea – bought Tetley teabags because they were cheap but I’m nervous. Regret not bringing some Lyons from home. Miss home already! As on the first day of first year in Limerick, I am convinced that I won’t make any friends. But that’s unlikely, right? It’s a small campus but surely there are some other lunatics lingering somewhere in the vicinity!

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