Friday, June 01, 2012

pretty bunting.

In an effort to cheer myself up after what was a tragic day mood-wise, I decided to make some cute fashion-inspired bunting for my bedroom. I’m happiest when I’m cutting up bits of paper and gluing them to other bits of paper. The pages are from old copies of Stellar, Look, and possibly Company as well – I can’t remember. I’ve had these triangles ready to go for months but I never got around to executing my project. Wednesday night, I started gluing my triangles to some green card. In the library on Thursday, I borrowed the hole-puncher and punched holes in those bad boys. Thursday evening, I thread some ribbon through them and hung them on my wall. Thursday night, they fell down from the wall and on top of my head. Fabulous.

On the bright side, it’s my darling mother’s birthday today and we get to eat cake and celebrate life and carbs and sugar. Happy birthday, Mammy. I love you! :)

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