Thursday, June 14, 2012

emily fashion fiend.

My lovely fashion editor at An Focal, Emily Maree, agreed to write a guest post on The Magic Position about her ever-advancing career in the world of fashion journalism. Thanks, Em!

Fashion is something that we can’t escape from. You might say, “Of course, you do it for a living, it’s clearly going to be everywhere!” but none of us can. People who say they don’t ‘do’ fashion aren’t telling the truth. They may not know that they’re involved but every item they wear in every shade that they have it in reflects who they are and their opinions, even if it’s ‘I don’t care about the way I look, I’m too busy to care’.

I didn’t come into the business that is fashion journalism until about 18 months ago through an opportunity that was handed to me one day. It sounds ridiculous but from that second on, this is all I wanted to do. People sometimes look at me and think it’s ridiculous that I’m studying journalism and am wasting a perfectly good degree on the ‘superficiality’ of fashion as some people have so aptly put it. But that attitude makes me giggle.

A year and a half later I have a year as a Fashion Editor under my belt and this year I’ll be a Life & Style Editor for our university newspaper as well as freelance writing. This isn’t a note to tell you all how great I am (although if you did, that’d be nice too!). It’s advice that is well worth taking from someone who knows how hard it is to crack into a business, whether it’s creative like this or any other job.

Fashion isn’t just a business or a career or a T-shirt hanging in Topshop. It’s in the sky, the trees, a cup of coffee; damn, Stella McCartney can pull inspiration from fruit! It’s art in its truest form because you’re wearing somebody’s masterpiece walking down the street; someone sees that as their own form of expression. We, the avid buyers, are collectors of these pieces of art. In that case, I must have an awful lot of collateral hanging in my wardrobe.

Making the most of your wardrobe is thought of as a way to throw cash about, superficiality if you will. But it isn’t. It is the key to boosting your self esteem. Everyone can look absolutely amazing as long as they dress for their body type and colouring and trust me, there is SO much out there for everyone. I’m a great admirer of Francesca Sozzani, the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Italia and lead rebel at the publication house for her fight against weight discrimination, even putting plus-size models on the cover. This was a bold move and her efforts are proving to the cut-throat world of fashion that any size is beautiful. Our minds and style should reflect that as well. As Emma so aptly discusses in her blog, all women are beautiful, whatever size.

Be persistent. This sounds like something you’ve heard a million times before but trust me, it pays off. Having profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter has helped me get most of my freelancing jobs so make sure you look everywhere and involve yourself in these networks. Most of all, follow your dream. Its all well and good having a job that will pay you the world, I wanted to be a lawyer not so long ago. But if you’re unhappy, it’s not a job you need. Whether you want to be an astronaut or a bus driver, ok, you may not be very good at it, but at least try before you settle. I took a chance on fashion and it paid off, so why not do the same? Make yourself happy because in the end, that’s what counts.

My passion for fashion makes me happy and will hopefully make me money in the future so you should let your passion do the same, whether its computers or modelling. If you put in the work, it will all pay off in the end!

You can read Emily’s blog EmilyFashionFiend by clicking here.

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