Saturday, May 19, 2012

hypocritical shoes.

So you know how I mentioned that we shouldn’t be buying into the whole Material Possessions Will Make Us Happy thing? Well, yeah, I mean, that’s ideal, right, but in reality, in the Western World, retail therapy is a real thing and how could I say no to these gorgeous floral print Dr Martens? I couldn’t, is the answer.

At €140, these babies weren’t exactly a bargain, but I mentioned before how I feel about investing in a decent pair of shoes. Dr Martens are renowned for their durability so they’re well worth the moolah my darling mother spent on them on Thursday. Not only are they bang on trend, but they’ll last for years. I love the delicate, girly pattern and I love how it contrasts with the masculine structure of the boot. Happy days!

Maybe I’m a hypocrite but I don’t care – I’ll happily be a hypocrite if I get to wear these beauties all the time.

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