Sunday, April 08, 2012

ten things to love about spring/ summer!

We can now finally say goodbye to winter, and to celebrate, here are the top reasons to love the new spring/summer season:

  1. The best of ladies fashion. When the gruelling torture of waking up in the dark is replaced with rays of sunshine acting as a substitute alarm clock shining through your curtains, it signals the end of thick tights, warm boots and fur coats. Cue a new spring wardrobe full of bright colours, fun prints and open toe shoes – so much more uplifting.

  2. Vitamin D. It’s a scientific fact that we feel better when the sun is shining. Get outside as much as you can and soak up that vitamin D!

  3. Lighter nights. It’s not just the lighter mornings that we love so much during spring. The lighter evenings mean the end of walking home in the dark, the return of alfresco dining and the chance to drag out those Sunday afternoons in the garden just a little bit longer.

  4. Painting your toenails. Finally, a legitimate excuse to get creative with all those vibrant nail varnish shades – a treat that feels like a complete waste of time over winter.

  5. Flowers. Spring is an exciting time for anyone with green fingers. Even if you’re not an expert, all those colourful flowers popping up everywhere are bound to put a spring in your step.

  6. Easter = chocolate. Enough said!

  7. BBQs. This is definitely the time to let him loose on the grill and impress with burnt sausages and burgers. If only he would just do the washing up too!

  8. Planning the holiday. Finally, it’s close enough to the summer to imagine yourself on a white sandy beach, without a care in the world.

  9. Get fit – no excuses! When the warmer weather kicks in, there really is no excuse for not getting out and about – whether you’re a jogger, a walker or are simply planning to hop on your bike. Be inspired by all the sporting events on offer over the warmer months – the French Open, Wimbledon and, of course, the Olympic Games to name just a few.

  10. Summer food and drink. In a couple of months we’ll be seeing our shelves filled with all the best seasonal produce, including summer berries, asparagus, plums and rhubarb. Enjoy with drinks that taste better when sipped in the sunshine like Pimm’s, rosé wine, and the classic gin & tonic.

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Image from Domestic Sensualist.

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