Friday, April 06, 2012

going wild (in a tame sort of way).

At the moment, Queerbash is about the only thing on my brain. The tribal-themed show is taking place next Friday 13th April in Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick. (Click here for the Facebook event!)

With a lot of other events happening in Limerick that weekend, promotion is important. Out in UL decided to make some eco-friendly tribal jewellery to hand out to potential Queerbashers as an incentive to come join in with the fabulous fun we’ll be having!

I roped my gorgeous and glam friend, Tara, into helping me procure leaves, twigs, and flowers, and put them all together in hippie-style garlands. There was a very primary school arts’n’crafts vibe in Tara’s house last night, amid several cups of tea and some Terry’s Chocolate Orange. We talked about pubes, nipple piercings, and cats. Undeniably good fun! There’s still plenty more to do but we made some pretty good progress last night!

Poster paints, string, and bits of nature: Hippie Chic!

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