Thursday, April 19, 2012

fashion faux pas or no?

Socks and sandals are a no-no. Ask anyone. If people know nothing else about fashion, they’ll know that you absolutely never wear socks with sandals. But I love the side of fashion that challenges these assumptions. And I’m not alone with this one! A quick Google search will show you just how trendy and chic the socks and sandal combo can be. As long as you’re not a middle-aged father-of-three embarrassing your kids during those awkward months where it’s too warm for closed-toe shoes but too cold for sandals and skin.

I discovered a really cute blog today that showed the everyday Jo Soap how to wear the sock and sandal combo without seeming like a creepy old guy. According to Fashion Assist, you can wear socks and sandals as long as the rest of your outfit suggests that you are quirky and chic. Rather than quirky and afflicted with bad BO.

Despite my friends disagreeing with me about this important issue, I’m still adamant that socks and sandals, and socks and tights, work if you do it right. And maybe I’m wrong but I took a risk when I chose this outfit this morning and I think I got it right.

What do you guys think? Fashion faux pas or fashion forward? Comment and let me know!

P.S. I hid behind a cartoon heart because I wasn’t wearing make-up and my face was being weird today.


  1. I think that while your combo doesn't look terribly awfully wrong, it would've worked better had there been a heel on the shoe! Cute cardi as well :)

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing... sandals with tights work fine if the sandals have a heel. You still look really cute but it might work better with a little height.

    1. I'm not really a high heel girl but I'm gonna invest in a pair just because I love the sock/ sandal look so much. Thanks for your advice! :) x


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