Sunday, March 25, 2012



So my friend, Eleanor, has an event coming up this week and asked me to help style her outfit for the occasion. It’s a Final Year Project thing, so a little on the formal side, but because she’s doing an artsy sort of course, there’s a lot of room for interpretation of the word ‘formal’.

I’ve spent the weekend scouring the internet for some inspiration. Since you can’t turn left these days without bumping into a few pastel shades, and a blazer just shrieks formal chic, I’m thinking a candy coloured blazer for a start. I also really like high-necked tops and blouses, so that, coupled with a skirt that is all leg, is a look I’m going for.

I also quite like the black skirt and dusty pink blazer in the first picture. Feminine but with a formal twist.

However, that’s just my personal taste and I’m open to any suggestions you might have. Leave a comment! :)

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