Sunday, March 25, 2012


You know how I mentioned that pretty pictures aren’t really communicating what I want to say anymore? Well, neither are words. I want to say something and I want you to know how I feel but I’m tired and my brain is fried and I’m busy and these pictures are prettier than any words I could vomit into being right now. They were taken before the Clubs & Societies Ball last week. The ball was so much fun: I danced my little feet into stubs of bone and blood and I ate lamb and I sweated too much but I looked nice and I had a laugh and it was all kinds of lovely. Typical me, though, the next day I was overcome with a downright disgusting melancholia.

You know when you have a really good night out and you have loads of fun and you’re not that drunk and you look nice and you feel nice and everything is nice? You know the way you’re on a complete high those nights? And most of the next day? And then you come down from the high? I have that. I always have that.

Anyway, my fronds and I really did look super. Here’s the evidence:

I really love these boys. They make every college day hilarious and wonderful and I dunno what I would have done without them this semester.


  1. you look gorgeous - fab make up

    1. thanks so much! :)

      my friend, niall, did my make-up for me! (



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