Monday, March 26, 2012

avon boy.

So you’ll notice from the photos in my ‘Frond’ post that my make-up looked class at the C&S Ball. I’m a bit of a dope when it comes to make-up, I won’t lie to you: that face you saw yesterday was courtesy of the devilishly handsome Niall Russell (the boy in the sharp grey suit, if you’re wondering). He’s an artist with Panstik and a wizard with a tube of liquid eyeliner. These days, if I know there’s going to be a camera around, I won’t go past Niall for my make-up. He’s basically a genius. (He’s made me look human on more than one occasion, for which he deserves serious commendation.)

Not only does Niall play the good Samaritan by helping me look normal, he also represents big-shot make-up brand Avon across the whole of Limerick. You can check out his blog at for tips and tricks, as well as Avon updates. He does consultations, has plenty catalogues floating around, and is always up for a chat. And he is hilarious. Tell him I sent you. x

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