Thursday, December 15, 2011

sexual debates.

So my last post on sex got a lot of views and some comments too – not something that happens very often on this blog. Thank you to everyone who commented: it’s nice to feel like I’m engaging in a conversation, rather than just talking to myself in cyberspace. Generally, controversial topics like sex and sexuality will garner more comments than, say, my inane waffling about college and shoes, but thank you all nonetheless!

Feel free to continue to comment on this or the previous post and let me know what you think – do you agree or disagree? Is a ‘slut’ a real thing nowadays? Or is it just a word used to put down women’s sexuality?

One lovely anonymous commenter posted a link to Christina Aguilera’s song Can’t Hold Us Down on Youtube. What an empowering (and catchy) song! It matches my views perfectly and, let’s face it, Xtina puts it more eloquently than I ever could:

If you look back in history
It's a common double standard of society
The guy gets all the glory, the more he can score
While the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore

I don't understand why it's okay
The guy can get away with it, the girl gets named
All my ladies come together and make a change
And start a new beginning for us, everybody sing!


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