Wednesday, November 16, 2011

work in progress.

I was going to post this picture the other day after my interview with Next in the Crescent Shopping Centre. I was going to ask if you thought I’d get the job, based on what I was wearing. (I never got around to doing that though because I went to an Out in UL meeting and then a pint in Scholar’s and then lots of fun.) As it turns out, my outfit was suitable. Or maybe it was my enthusiasm that sealed the deal. Or my right answers to those what-would-you-do-in-this-situation questions. Whatever the reason, I got the job! I am now a sales consultant for Next in the Crescent. It’s just a Christmas thing, which suits me fine because next semester I’m off on Co-Op (that’s ‘work experience’ to those of you who are not familiar with the bizarre lingo UL employs).

This week has been filled with job interviews and job offers and fabulousness. I have an interview for Co-Op on Friday morning, which is excellent news: I’ve been worrying lately about the complete lack of progress on that front. This is my first Co-Op interview and it’s Week 11. Not normal. Anyway, this is a step in the right direction. I’m excited and nervous.

I have an induction at Next tomorrow afternoon. I’m gonna go to town, pick up a suit thing for my Co-Op interview (I really want this job!) and a Christmassy jumper for next week’s Christmas Days. (I saw a gorgeous reindeer one in the men’s window of Penneys last week and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since!) Then onto Next in Raheen and entering the working world. (The fact that this world involves clothes and a staff discount makes me very happy indeed.)

My grant finally arrived today: I celebrated by buying food. (Two jars of pasta sauce, bagels, cheese, ham, orange juice, and milk. If you’re wondering.) The rest of my grant money has to go towards paying off my various debts (including thirty yo-yos for a Dylan Moran gig I went to in Cork a couple of weeks ago).

Today I got caught in the rain. It was fab. You know that really heavy rain that you’re walking in for ages and you just can’t avoid it and your socks are wet and you’re soaked to the skin? I love that. I love coming inside after being out in horrible weather and having a shower and putting on pyjamas and getting into bed. And that’s what I did. A hot shower, clean bedsheets, bagel, Father Ted, and a power nap. A pretty nice way to recover from last night’s drunken hilarity (I was neither drunk nor hilarious, but Ellen was).

Is it wrong that I want crisps? My ‘healthy lifestyle’ was short-lived, obviously. I want crisps and sleep. Tomorrow will be busy but I am excited. Life is sweet right now. :)

P.S. I rarely wear trousers or jeans so on Monday and Tuesday, on my way to and from my interviews, I was almost crippled by an irrational fear of camel toe. What lovely imagery!

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