Thursday, October 20, 2011

UL model search final.

Last night was the UL Model Search Final in the Strand Hotel in Limerick City. Lots of nice clothes and even more horrible clothes. We’re talking expensive, middle-aged women boutique clothes. On girls who were in their teens and early twenties. Tragic. Free goody bags for us common people though. (LancĂ´me toner and a couple of Roc and Vichy samples.)

My beautiful, fashion-loving friend, Lisa, was my date for the evening. She’s the lovely, dark-skinned belle in my photos (above). She’s chocolate, I’m vanilla. I realised last night how much we have in common: music, fashion, general hilarity. She is my new favourite person and laughing with her last night and today has pretty much been the highlight of my week.

Did you know I’m the treasurer for the Fashion Society committee? This meant I was in charge of paying the bus driver who was taking us to the venue (he was an absolute sweetheart) and maintaining some kind of order en route (pretty unsuccessfully, it has to be said – one very drunken girl was sobbing because she needed to pee).

I took about a hundred snaps of the models but my crappy point & shoot did them no justice. You can view some professional shots here though (and you can even see me pulling faces in the background of some of them!).

Congratulations to Gillian, the winner of the model search, and to the two runners-up. Three gorgeous girls.

Image of models from Rebecca Mooney Photography Facebook page.

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