Friday, October 14, 2011


I’m waiting impatiently for my grant to arrive so that I can pay a million bills and maybe buy a couple of new dresses from Penneys. I’m also seriously coveting a decent pair of everyday shoes. I’ve been dreaming about Oxfords lately:

I’ve been living in Penneys and Dunnes knock-offs since the things came into vogue and they’re cheap, yes, but not practical. Within weeks, they’re battered and bruised and the sole/ soul is falling off. The Oxford’s above are real leather and a steal at $59.98 from! Unfortunately, Aldo only ship to the US, Canada and Japan.

The lovely people at Nordstrom ship worldwide though and I found some beauties on their site:

The first Nordstrom pair are €99.96, the second, €80.73. They’re both reasonably priced, I think. Affordable and hopefully high quality!

I am going to splash out on a pair when my grant comes through. I’m a firm believer in a good pair of shoes. I think the rest of your clothes can be high-street bargains – cardies for a fiver and dresses for a tenner – but you need a decent pair of shoes. It sets off an outfit and can make you feel a million Euros (which is more than a million dollars, when you take the exchange rate into consideration). For me, real leather is important in shoes. I know a lot of vegetarians, vegans and animal rights activists will disagree with me but I’m not going to engage in an argument about it. For shoe lovers, leather is better.

I’m leaning towards the tri-tonal Nordstrom shoes. Hurry up, grant! Good shoes are vital to my education, you know…

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