Saturday, October 22, 2011

shoes and jeans and dresses and mods.

Always on the search for a decent pair of every-day shoes, I bought these bad boys today for a not unreasonable €50. (There was a beautiful brown lace-up pair too but, alas, not in my size. I am a UK 5, apparently the most common size in the world, judging by how fast shops run out of it!) What do you guys think of these? I think they fit in nicely with the mod trend that’s in vogue this season. I can picture wearing them with bright skinny jeans or cute dresses.

I haven’t worn skinny jeans in years. The ‘Fat Bum, Skinny Jean’ look is usually a dangerous one to dabble in, I think. But I’m gonna kick-start a healthy lifestyle this week and maybe eventually I can squeeze back into a pair of jeans, not unlike these gorgeous pairs from Topshop:


In the meantime, girly dresses like these would contrast nicely with the androgynous footwear:

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