Friday, October 28, 2011

a not-so-exciting (but oh-so-lazy) friday night.

Today has been okay. I woke up in a foul mood but things improved when I got Subway. Things always improve when I get an Italian BMT with gherkins and south-west sauce. (Or jalapenos, depending on my mood.) I bought phone credit too and rang the grant people. Apparently (and hopefully) my grant will come through in the middle of November which is really only two weeks away. Which is fab. Not as fab as it would have been had the money been in the bank for me today but whatever. It's something.

After my Subway and my phone-call, I watched Remember Me. I bawled like a baby at the end. Oh, man. It was terrible. And I love Robert Pattinson more than ever. (Although he's not looking too hot in the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 1 so I dunno.)

After watching that, I fumbled around on the Internet for a bit and then went to clean the kitchen, which was in chaos after my housemate's session last night. I cleaned and did the washing up and made myself a sandwich and some chicken soup from Aldi (which wasn't very nice but it only cost about 40c). All this while watching Corrie, Eastenders, some Derren Brown thing, and QI. Welcome to the good life.

I'm in bed (again) and I've just watched a couple of episodes of The Inbetweeners (courtesy of my housemate's DVD collection - whoops!). I've just buffed my nails in preparation for Tara's party tomorrow. I plan on looking somewhat okay, although it's unlikely that I'll achieve this considering the downward spiral of terror and grief that my face has taken in the last few days. My skin has turned awful. I've got a lot of blackheads at the moment, due to me being too lazy to wash my face at night, and last night I tried to pop a big, ghastly one, only I think I've done more damage than good - my nose is bright red and there's puss coming out of it. That can't be normal. I'm coated in Sudocreme at the moment and I plan on drinking a litre of water tonight in the hope that my skin will have improved at least a little bit by tomorrow.

I've also been drinking a lot of orange juice today because my stomach is not right the minute. This is mainly due to my crap diet of late. I went shopping yesterday though and bought fruit and normal foods and I'm hoping to turn over a new leaf this week by eating things that aren't crisps. Wish me luck with that! However, right now I have an undeniable craving for chocolate and I feel like I have no choice but to go get something from the vending machine. And also take out the rubbish (of which there are several bags).

So chocolate and rubbish-taking-out and Inbetweeners and probably more Inbetweeners after that and then sleep and then tomorrow. Tomorrow will mostly involve me trying to de-hair myself. Then I'll go to Tara's house, have a few beverages, and proceed to party! (Did I just use 'party' as a verb?) Maybe I'll get the shift, maybe not. In fact, more than likely not. But I will have a laugh. And probably a wonderful, wine-related headache on Sunday.

Hope you all have a good weekend, lovelies!


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