Friday, September 16, 2011

birds on a wire.

Dress – Primark/ Penneys, €19
Shoes – Marco Tozzi, approx. €70

I think I’m officially a Tragic Fashion Blogger. Blurry photos in the kitchen with a point and shoot at a bad angle? I should sit myself down and have a serious chat with myself. It is a terrible photo on pretty much every level, but I really wanted to show you this outfit. I wore it out the night after my birthday. Pints were consumed with friends (as were kebabs) and I rather surprisingly didn’t ruin my life, which is always a plus (and a rarity).

The dress is from Penneys. My mother thought it was horrible when I tried it on but I ignored her (in fairness to her, I was un-made-up and dishevelled-looking at the time but whatever). Brought the dress home, opened up the RTÉ Guide and what’s down in the corner of one of the fashion pages? My new dress. Of course, the RTÉ Guide’s views on fashion aren’t necessarily something I’d find myself relying on usually but at least it provided some ammo against my mother’s vitriol. (Okay so ‘vitriol’ is too strong a word but you know what I mean! Anyway, I’m all for melodrama and exaggeration lately – they’re very ‘in’.)

P.S. I love Shona (the gorgeous piece of sex beside me in the last photo).


  1. Birds-print is one of my favorites. Lovely outfit!

  2. That dress is gorgeous!!! I love the long sleeves & the bird print <3

    Just found your blog & became a follower xo


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