Tuesday, August 09, 2011

sunshine yellow.

My blog views are up by over 100%, which is wonderful! I think this calls for a celebratory post. Pity I am too tired to function, let alone think of a decent blog post. Hmm. What time am I finished work tomorrow? Seven …  Hmm. We'll see. I shall definitely do a post or two about Outsidelands, which is coming up this weekend. I am most excited about Friday’s line-up: I can’t wait to see The Shins, MGMT, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ellie Goulding and Foster the People. It will be lovely and fabulous and I shall do an outfit post to show you all what indie/ thrift store finds I’ll be sporting to fit in with all the mods and hipsters in Golden Gate Park.

In the meantime, I will inform you that work is going well and I am exhausted. I am still penniless but due to get paid on Friday and I have my eye on this chunky, plastic, bright, fun watch. And with my 10% discount, how can I possibly leave this beauty behind? My only issue is that it’s also available in purple, pink, green and blue so I’m having trouble deciding which one I absolutely want. But yellow is probably a good jumping-off point into the world of cheap and cheerful watches. :)Yellow Watch Target 

Image from Target.com.


  1. it's all kinds of wonderful, isn't it? :)

    thanks for the comment! x


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