Saturday, August 27, 2011

some girls are bigger than others (and still know how to dress).

Outfit posts are usually very rare for me but I’ve become a lot braver recently. I was always nervous about posting full-length pictures of myself here – I’m so conscious about my weight – but I realised lately that fashion isn’t just for those few girls who are lucky enough to be a size 8. The dress I’m wearing is from Penneys and it’s a size 16. That doesn’t mean that I’m not fashion-savvy, it just means that I like food and I disprove of exercise. I do try to eat healthy and I do try to get up off my bum from time to time but I have accepted the fact that, aside from losing a few pounds, this is probably my natural shape and size. I have accepted this. And I feel like I’m still a valid member of the fashion community. I get so tired of seeing the same style blogs over and over again with skinny girls posting pictures of themselves in nice clothes. Good for them, yes, but it doesn’t do much for my self-esteem. You rarely see bigger girls modelling their attire and it’s a shame.

So here are some pictures of a bigger girl modelling her attire, in accordance with the Autumn/ Winter 2011 trends. A black and cream dotty dress (à la Marc Jacobs’ and Stella McCartney’s upcoming styles) with a floral blouse thrifted from my small-town charity shop. Clashing patterns will be very big this season. (A fact I’m thrilled about: I own so many items of patterned clothing that this trend will make my life a little bit easier when I’m trying to create an outfit.) The boots are from eBay. I bought them last summer and wore them only a couple of times before they ended up hidden in the depths of my wardrobe. I thought about wearing brogues with this outfit but it seemed a bit off-balance somehow so I rooted out these very Alexa Chung ankle boots and called my look complete!

Opinions are welcome (although you should ignore my un-made-up face!), comment away. :)

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