Friday, August 12, 2011

in the military tradition.

in the military tradition.
So this is my second Polyvore set and it's a look I wear well - a bit scruffy and indie. Very achievable. I've got a grey pair of military boots at home, though I am lusting after those beige ones quite a bit. Denim cutoffs are one of those staple items that I think everyone has these days. The plaid/ flannel shirt is something I got from eBay the other day - 99c plus shipping. It's not the one pictured but it's a similar job - completely over-sized and wonderful. I've spent the entire summer making friendship bracelets (knowing full well that they are very 'in' right now) and, money or no money, that yellow watch from Target will be mine, gosh darn it!

In other news, I can't wait to see The Shins tomorrow at Outsidelands! I'm listening to them right now and, wow, they make me feel all nice and woozy. (Though that may just be light-headedness from being congested and snotty-nosed and sick. Grrr.)


  1. I tried to tweet you a reply but I couldn't find a Twitter on your page! I agree, but I think the creepers will be a ten second trend to be honest. When I see something everywhere and all the different ways it can be worn I am known to swoon over things too, but I am being realistic this time, I would probably get over them after one wear, and I have enough shoes like that!

    This is a cute post btw, so casual and cool! Have fun at the Shins! :)

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  2. hey, i just put a link to my twitter in the sidebar. i only recently rejoined the twitter community so my page is a bit crap at the moment but oh well.!/emmanorrisbbz

    you know, you're right, it will absolutely be a ten second trend but still. . my loins yearn for them. but, like you, i tend to feel like that about a lot of shoes.

    and thank you, sweetie. (: x


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