Tuesday, August 30, 2011

granddad jumper & chronic idiocy.


Jumper – Thrifted, $2.99
Shorts – Penneys, €13
Shoes – Dunnes, €15

I really need to invest in a decent camera, one that doesn’t produce these blurry, foggy, hazy and poor-quality photos (although I like how the blurriness blurs over some of the things I don’t like about myself, such as my Chronic Tomato Face).

I am desperately looking forward to going back to college (Lovely Limerick). I have been home from Yankland a week and already I am bored of Small-Town Syndrome. So bored, in fact, that I’ve taken to ruining my life on a regular basis again. But what’s new? I am a very impulsive person at times. Usually at the worst of times.

I’ve spent the last few days seeing lovely people, as well as consuming copious amounts of cider and making a dick of myself. Roll on college and new projects and some degree of anonymity.


PS This is post #385. The promised give-away is not forgotten but is, however, over a hundred posts away. I miscalculated. Ordinary Level maths, you know. I may just up my posting rate so as to offer you lovely gifts sooner! What would you like? Shoes? Accessories? Make-up? Leave suggestions! :)


  1. Your granddad jumper is immense! I really want to get a cheesy winter jumper this year, with rudolph on it or something hah. Also, making a dick out of yourself is the whole point of being a teenager :) x

  2. thank you, dear! awh, same, i am desperate for a reindeer jumper too!

    i'm nearly 20 though, i am running out of teenage years. there'll be no excuse for acting a dick then, haha. :/



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