Tuesday, August 16, 2011

fostering the festival vibe.

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Foster the People T-shirt –  Outsidelands (also available online here), $25
Skirt – Banana Republic, $45
Watch – Target (yes, that is the watch I was lusting after the other day!), $12.99
Religious Imagery Bracelet –  Stall on the Embarcadero, $3
Friendship Bracelets – Made by my lovely sister-in-law

This was the outfit I wore on the last day of Outsidelands yesterday. I felt slightly more unique than I had on the first day when I wore my plaid shirt and denim shorts (this outfit but with white Converse instead of military boots). Plaid everywhere! It was a flannel fiasco! Everywhere I looked, people were dressed in plaid/ check/ flannel. I felt boring and ordinary, though absolutely comfortable and festival-y. Yesterday’s outfit was a bit livelier. Messy hair and a splash of colour here and there (neon pink toenail paint, for example), teamed with gladiator sandals, this is a look I personally adore.

The festival itself was wonderful. I’m not into concerts usually – being in such constant close proximity with lots of sweaty, smelly people doesn’t really do it for me but Outsidelands was definitely worth the sacrifice. And unlike with other music festivals, you don’t camp at Outsidelands – you’re not allowed to camp within the San Francisco city limits.  I got to shower every day, which was nice, although I probably missed out on a lot of the craic that you get with a camping festival like Oxegen or Indiependence. Also, since I’m infuriatingly underage, I couldn’t consume alcoholic beverages for the most part until my sister-in-law came up with the ingenious plan of sneaking in a couple of tiny alcohol bottles and sneakily procuring me a wristband which, as far as the Ordinary Joes were concerned, meant I was twenty-one. So I had two glasses of wine yesterday and a few drops of various vodka infusions and was playfully hammered. Stupid drunk. Finding-everything-hilarious drunk. (There was this guy wearing a banana costume and these other lads started singing, ‘Sing us a song, you’re the banana man!’ and I honest to God thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard in my life – I kept singing it then, long after the boys had vanished into the throng.)

The bands were amazing. The Shins were my favourite. Butterflies-in-your-tummy kind of magic music. They were just perfect. Foster the People were a very close second, followed by the Decemberists. I wasn’t mad about the Decemberists previously but seeing them live convinced me that they are a lovely, fun, funny band (listen to ‘This is Why We Fight’ off their new album here). Arctic Monkeys were good but their set-list seemed short and MGMT were a huge disappointment – we left early and found Ellie Goulding to be lovely replacement entertainment.

I shall be going home to the Emerald Isle in a week. America has been an interesting experience. An eye-opening experience. I am dreading the long flight home but I am so looking forward to seeing my lovely friends again!

Expect a few photos in the next few days of silly things. (I love silly things.) In the meantime, I’m working tomorrow and going to see Death Cab For Cutie in Los Angeles on Thursday. I am excited!

Hope you’re all alive and kicking. And if you’re waiting on your Leaving Cert results, best of luck! Hope you all get what you want and make the most of whatever the future brings (hope to see some of you in UL!).


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