Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I love birthdays, I really do. Other people’s birthdays, I mean. I love doing nice things for people on their birthday, even if I have no money (which is usually the case). I think the thought behind giving someone a little card or a cupcake is so important and so sweet and you don’t need money – you just need to want to do something nice for someone. And I love that so much. I look forward in my mental calendar to try to think of whose birthday is coming up next so I can prepare something nice for them. If I’m not wrong, Jamie’s birthday is next but, unfortunately, I won’t be there to join in the festivities. I’m pretty sure I’m after that, followed by my brother, then Deirdre, Colm and a few others. September is full of birthdays.

I never enjoy my own birthday, which is quite sad. I invariably end up in tears, for reasons I can never express. Mostly it’s disappointment. I feel like I put quite a bit of effort when I can into other people’s big days and I don’t get the same in return. But you know what? I shall plan my own birthday celebrations this year and it shall be great. (I have some fun bunting in mind already!) And I’ll bake cakes. And it will be an awesome birthday. See that? That’s proactive. Rather than spend another birthday feeling sorry for myself, I will do what I can to make it super. But if you’re interested to know, in the line of presents, something like this would be awesome:

Whore Slut Tea Set

My birthday is exactly a month away and the years are going by so fast. I remember my 16th birthday clearly. Zoo, cider, boyfriend. Well, not clearly. Through a haze of drunken memory, really. But nonetheless. That was probably my favourite birthday actually. It was fun. Fun. Proper fun. This year will be fun too. (I’m working on the colour scheme in my head as I type!)

Ooh, now that we’re on the subject of birthdays and presents, I have a wish-list as long as my arm. Sadly, they will only ever be wishes – it’s very unlikely that they’ll come to fruition. Apart from a swear-word tea-set, I would also like some new clothes, a set of fairy lights and a bottle of tequila.

Oh, and this bad boy:


Please? Yeah, I’m probably gonna have to slog and slave to be able to afford this gorgeous block of technology. Who knew you could fall in love with a piece of machinery? (Although, stranger things have happened. I remember hearing about that woman who married a bit of the Berlin wall but then cheated on it with a fence. I’m not even joking.)


  1. Hah I love the little tea set! I'm in serious need of a new camera too, they're just too far out of budget :( x

  2. I have this camera, got it for my b'day, its actually great so I hope you get it! Just found your blog btw, and its great, I followed :)

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  3. shanice - it's hard to be a budding amateur photographer in the current economic climate, sadly. :(

    grace - thank you, thanks for following. i followed back, your blog is lovely. :)



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