Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little house on the prairie.

Blouse – Thrifted, €6
Skirt – Penneys, €11
Shoes – Penneys, €13

These photos were taken in June, before I left for the States, when my hair was still in a dire state. I was pretty hungover and tired that day, which is why I have massive bags under my eyes.

Thanks to my friend, Jamie, for taking these. And for putting up with my high-maintenance supermodel antics!


P.S. Don’t you think the barbed wire is a nice touch? Ha!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

this is how i’m feeling.

 Click through for sources.

granddad jumper & chronic idiocy.


Jumper – Thrifted, $2.99
Shorts – Penneys, €13
Shoes – Dunnes, €15

I really need to invest in a decent camera, one that doesn’t produce these blurry, foggy, hazy and poor-quality photos (although I like how the blurriness blurs over some of the things I don’t like about myself, such as my Chronic Tomato Face).

I am desperately looking forward to going back to college (Lovely Limerick). I have been home from Yankland a week and already I am bored of Small-Town Syndrome. So bored, in fact, that I’ve taken to ruining my life on a regular basis again. But what’s new? I am a very impulsive person at times. Usually at the worst of times.

I’ve spent the last few days seeing lovely people, as well as consuming copious amounts of cider and making a dick of myself. Roll on college and new projects and some degree of anonymity.


PS This is post #385. The promised give-away is not forgotten but is, however, over a hundred posts away. I miscalculated. Ordinary Level maths, you know. I may just up my posting rate so as to offer you lovely gifts sooner! What would you like? Shoes? Accessories? Make-up? Leave suggestions! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

an experiment in organisation.

I own a lot of jewellery – nothing expensive, just a lot of semi-interesting necklaces from Penneys and elsewhere. Organising and storing them has always been a problem. About two years ago, I picked up a cup-holder from a charity shop, painted it white and used it as a jewellery stand. Since then though, my collection has grown and I needed another storage solution. I saw a repurposed frame-turned-jewellery-organiser on a while back and was immediately smitten with the idea.

My mother is really into decorating (by which I mean, painting every room every year without fail) and she was tackling my room while I was away this summer with icy white walls and a dark wood floor (I love it, by the way!). My contribution is my new jewellery organiser which I’d planned before I left for the States.

Yesterday, I picked up a decorative, gold-finished frame from a charity shop. It’s very vintage-looking (by which I mean 90s-looking – it is exactly like the kinds of things we used to have in our old house when I was a kid) and only cost €5. The hooks I got to screw into it were a further €1.50. Bargain. A bit of hard labour on my step-dad’s part this morning and my new jewellery organiser was brought to life. (I would have liked to have actually made it myself but my step-dad owned the tools and there were enough quarrels without me throwing my poor handy-woman skills into the mix.)

I think it’s very me and I love it as a new addition to my room. What do you think? :)

some girls are bigger than others (and still know how to dress).

Outfit posts are usually very rare for me but I’ve become a lot braver recently. I was always nervous about posting full-length pictures of myself here – I’m so conscious about my weight – but I realised lately that fashion isn’t just for those few girls who are lucky enough to be a size 8. The dress I’m wearing is from Penneys and it’s a size 16. That doesn’t mean that I’m not fashion-savvy, it just means that I like food and I disprove of exercise. I do try to eat healthy and I do try to get up off my bum from time to time but I have accepted the fact that, aside from losing a few pounds, this is probably my natural shape and size. I have accepted this. And I feel like I’m still a valid member of the fashion community. I get so tired of seeing the same style blogs over and over again with skinny girls posting pictures of themselves in nice clothes. Good for them, yes, but it doesn’t do much for my self-esteem. You rarely see bigger girls modelling their attire and it’s a shame.

So here are some pictures of a bigger girl modelling her attire, in accordance with the Autumn/ Winter 2011 trends. A black and cream dotty dress (à la Marc Jacobs’ and Stella McCartney’s upcoming styles) with a floral blouse thrifted from my small-town charity shop. Clashing patterns will be very big this season. (A fact I’m thrilled about: I own so many items of patterned clothing that this trend will make my life a little bit easier when I’m trying to create an outfit.) The boots are from eBay. I bought them last summer and wore them only a couple of times before they ended up hidden in the depths of my wardrobe. I thought about wearing brogues with this outfit but it seemed a bit off-balance somehow so I rooted out these very Alexa Chung ankle boots and called my look complete!

Opinions are welcome (although you should ignore my un-made-up face!), comment away. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

back on irish soil and dressing for the occasion!

Shirt – Ebay, 99c
Denim shorts – Penneys/ Primark, €13
Watch – Target, $12.99 (Click for a closer look!)

Awkward pose and poor-quality photo. I am a sorry excuse for a fashion blogger! Still though, I am moving up in the world – my first article for my college newspaper, An Focal, is a fashion article. This will hopefully give me some credibility in the fashion world (and by ‘world’, I mean 'on this blog’).

Anyway, this was yesterday’s outfit. I spent the evening with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in two and a half months (what with being across the Atlantic ocean). It was lovely and nice and I came home and immediately fell into a deep sleep. I don’t believe in jet lag but, man, was I exhausted!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

airport blogging.

6:00 pm
So I’m in JFK International airport in New York. I’m drinking Starbucks coffee and lamenting the fact that I don’t have internet access. I’ve just got off a five hour flight from San Francisco. It was long and arduous. I slept on and off and felt sick with the remnants of last night’s wine still in my system. But I’m half way home! My next flight is at nine o’clock, I think. That’s three hours from now. Oh dear. And my laptop’s almost dead. Oh dear, oh dear. Hopefully this next flight will offer me some movies free of charge. (The last flight didn’t: it just let me watch the same one or two episodes of The Big Bang Theory that I watched on my flight over here almost three months ago. Which is tragic. Here’s hoping for free movies and something to distract me from thinking about the likelihood of the plane plummeting into the Atlantic Ocean.) When I get to Dublin, I have a two and a half hour train journey to look forward to and then, finally, seeing my lovely family and my lovely bed.

Sleep will be nice. I didn’t sleep last night. My sister-in-law packed my bags for me and then we headed off into the night to see the Golden Gate bridge. At 4am. Insane. Lovely. Driving with the windows down and listening to Death Cab For Cutie and Decemberists. In our pyjamas. What a wonderful last hurrah in Yankland! Now to home I go, back to the reality of college exams and financial instability and friends and alcohol. I have missed my Irish life.

7:30 pm
I have located my gate (number twenty-one!) and I’ve found a place to plug in my laptop. Sadly, still no internet access (internet access should be a right, not a privilege or a commodity or whatever you want to call it). Right now, I’m oscillating between wanting to blog, listening to the Decemberists, considering writing that fashion article for An Focal (UL’s fortnightly and award-winning college newspaper) and avoiding studying for my exam. Naturally, blogging wins. I’m finding it hard to write the article sitting here, tired and cranky. Not just because I am not connected to the World Wide Web, but also because I am very unfashionable right now: scruffy and smelly and hanging around JFK with two pairs of glasses on my head. (I didn’t want either pair to get crushed so I’m sacrificing normality for their protection. But then, what is normality?)

I am so very, very tired. How long does it take to fly from New York to Dublin? I haven’t a clue. I’m hoping it’ll only be about twenty minutes though. I can’t take much more of this. I don’t believe in jet-lag but it will be a miracle if I can keep my eyes open during that exam on Wednesday. Bad enough that I don’t even know what kinds of questions I’m expected to answer, but I shall also be delirious from lack of sleep and the awkward sensation of having been in three different time zones in one day.

Also, is it just me or does a the job of a flight attendant seem like a very strange one? You go into work for the night and you end up on the other side of the world. And you don’t even get to see the world – just a lot of airports. Very strange.

(Psst! Expect a post in the next few days about Yankland as a whole, the ups, the downs and the downright bizarres.)

[Obviously this was posted as soon as I had an internet connection – half four on Tuesday evening, home in my own home.]

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

some snapshots of my life.


1. Friendship Bracelets. I spent the better part of my American adventure developing RSI while making friendship bracelets. I still have a few some to post home.

2. Name Badge. Proof of my employment at the wonderland that is Target. Either that or evidence of my mugging a Target employee with the same name as me. (Target’s a riot. I’ll miss harassing parents about what they’ve named their kids – I love interesting baby names: Moses, Leyla and Annabella have been my favourites so far. Apparently there was a kid called Spider in the building today. Dear God.)

3. My Natural Hair Colour. That was the state my hair had reached before I let a Chinese man tackle it with some peroxide last week. I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was thirteen and there it is (combined with a very obscure concoction of a thousand other hair dyes). It’s somewhat blonder now and in a month or two, I’ll attempt to do battle with the bit of brassiness that remains.

4. My Wonderful Sister-in-Law and my Drunken Self. I think my sister-in-law is one of my favourite people in the world. She is so much fun. With not a drop of alcohol in her system, she ran around the Polo Field at Outsidelands with a towel (read ‘cape’) around her neck, pretending to be a superhero. And she thrashes like nobody’s business: we had a two person mosh-pit going during Muse. For a couple of minutes. Until we realised that Muse are crap and what were we doing with our lives? My sister-in-law teaches me things about cheese and wine and other nice things. I love her (even though she’s American) and I shall miss her dearly when I get back to Potato Land.

For those of you getting your Leaving Cert results today, I’m wishing you all the best, kids.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

fostering the festival vibe.

DSC04570 DSC04571 DSC04572DSC04583 DSC04573
Foster the People T-shirt –  Outsidelands (also available online here), $25
Skirt – Banana Republic, $45
Watch – Target (yes, that is the watch I was lusting after the other day!), $12.99
Religious Imagery Bracelet –  Stall on the Embarcadero, $3
Friendship Bracelets – Made by my lovely sister-in-law

This was the outfit I wore on the last day of Outsidelands yesterday. I felt slightly more unique than I had on the first day when I wore my plaid shirt and denim shorts (this outfit but with white Converse instead of military boots). Plaid everywhere! It was a flannel fiasco! Everywhere I looked, people were dressed in plaid/ check/ flannel. I felt boring and ordinary, though absolutely comfortable and festival-y. Yesterday’s outfit was a bit livelier. Messy hair and a splash of colour here and there (neon pink toenail paint, for example), teamed with gladiator sandals, this is a look I personally adore.

The festival itself was wonderful. I’m not into concerts usually – being in such constant close proximity with lots of sweaty, smelly people doesn’t really do it for me but Outsidelands was definitely worth the sacrifice. And unlike with other music festivals, you don’t camp at Outsidelands – you’re not allowed to camp within the San Francisco city limits.  I got to shower every day, which was nice, although I probably missed out on a lot of the craic that you get with a camping festival like Oxegen or Indiependence. Also, since I’m infuriatingly underage, I couldn’t consume alcoholic beverages for the most part until my sister-in-law came up with the ingenious plan of sneaking in a couple of tiny alcohol bottles and sneakily procuring me a wristband which, as far as the Ordinary Joes were concerned, meant I was twenty-one. So I had two glasses of wine yesterday and a few drops of various vodka infusions and was playfully hammered. Stupid drunk. Finding-everything-hilarious drunk. (There was this guy wearing a banana costume and these other lads started singing, ‘Sing us a song, you’re the banana man!’ and I honest to God thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard in my life – I kept singing it then, long after the boys had vanished into the throng.)

The bands were amazing. The Shins were my favourite. Butterflies-in-your-tummy kind of magic music. They were just perfect. Foster the People were a very close second, followed by the Decemberists. I wasn’t mad about the Decemberists previously but seeing them live convinced me that they are a lovely, fun, funny band (listen to ‘This is Why We Fight’ off their new album here). Arctic Monkeys were good but their set-list seemed short and MGMT were a huge disappointment – we left early and found Ellie Goulding to be lovely replacement entertainment.

I shall be going home to the Emerald Isle in a week. America has been an interesting experience. An eye-opening experience. I am dreading the long flight home but I am so looking forward to seeing my lovely friends again!

Expect a few photos in the next few days of silly things. (I love silly things.) In the meantime, I’m working tomorrow and going to see Death Cab For Cutie in Los Angeles on Thursday. I am excited!

Hope you’re all alive and kicking. And if you’re waiting on your Leaving Cert results, best of luck! Hope you all get what you want and make the most of whatever the future brings (hope to see some of you in UL!).


Saturday, August 13, 2011



The Magic Position now has its own Facebook page, which you can see here. It will be filled with updates and nice things. Go like it now! (:

Friday, August 12, 2011

in the military tradition.

in the military tradition.
So this is my second Polyvore set and it's a look I wear well - a bit scruffy and indie. Very achievable. I've got a grey pair of military boots at home, though I am lusting after those beige ones quite a bit. Denim cutoffs are one of those staple items that I think everyone has these days. The plaid/ flannel shirt is something I got from eBay the other day - 99c plus shipping. It's not the one pictured but it's a similar job - completely over-sized and wonderful. I've spent the entire summer making friendship bracelets (knowing full well that they are very 'in' right now) and, money or no money, that yellow watch from Target will be mine, gosh darn it!

In other news, I can't wait to see The Shins tomorrow at Outsidelands! I'm listening to them right now and, wow, they make me feel all nice and woozy. (Though that may just be light-headedness from being congested and snotty-nosed and sick. Grrr.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what’s going on now and what will hopefully go on in the near future.

I got the best letter in the post the other day. Accompanying the letter were a dollar bill, a badge saying, ‘Get a life!’ and a passport photo. I think it just about made my week. And because it was a reply to a letter I’d sent, the author included my original stamp. ‘Here’s your stamp back’. Genuinely the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I didn’t stop smiling for about a half an hour. Wonderful stuff.

So my return ticket is almost booked. I’ll be home on the 23rd of August, with my repeat exam the following morning. Then I will be free for a week or so to see all my lovely friends, people whom I miss beyond words. College life will resume on the 5th of September, I’ll turn twenty on the 9th (wow!) and the adventures will continue from there. I’m going to have to do some extreme budgeting this year if I’m to survive: €3 wine and all of my food from Aldi. I’m okay with this. I’ll be going home less this semester so I’ll save a few bob on bus money. I will also hopefully procure a job, which I will need to fund all the adventures I have in mind (not to mention the clothes and the art).

I’ve got some resolutions but really they are just dreams in the pipeline: exercise more, purchase a bicycle, cut back on the cider (drink wine instead!), be good and positive and maybe even happy. Get more involved in college, especially with volunteering. I’ve developed a serious liking for helping people, trying to improve things. Sometimes it seems like a futile effort: life is so short and I am only one person and what difference does it make really? But what’s the alternative? Sit back and complain? Be wholeheartedly uninvolved? Well, that’s certainly not productive. And if the only productive thing that comes from volunteering is my own peace of mind, well, that’s something. Although I would prefer if it benefitted someone or something else as well. That would be nice. Obviously.

I’ve got a thousand projects planned for the new college year. These include making ghosts out of tampons for Hallowe’en, taking hipster bath photos, going on more adventures with Luke, socialising lots and printing out these bad boys which I reckon I will get great use out of (I think Emer will too):

As well as all that, we’ll be baptising Grace in the bathtub and celebrating every calendar holiday with alcohol and tacky decorations. I can’t wait.

In other news, I’ve been working flat out. This is a totally new experience for me. I’m not used to this constant demand on my body and my mind. My muscles ache and my brain is scattered. I’ve ridden a bicycle twice in the last two days, something I haven’t done since I was about twelve. My bottom really hurts but it was awesome (yeah, I say ‘awesome’ now) and I genuinely had visions of myself becoming the next Seán Kelly. (But then I realised that cyclists tend to shave their legs and mine are very sasquatch-like at the moment.) It’s a rewarding thing, being part of the working world. Mentally, you know. Rather than financially. (Pretty much all the money I’ve made this summer has been sent home to pay one bill or another.) I feel grown up and responsible. And exhausted.

I’m very appreciative of the compliments I get from the customers. Surprisingly, there are very few nasty ones. Customers, I mean. Rather than compliments. ‘Nasty compliments’ is a bit of a paradox, alright. Some of Target’s guests aren’t really in the mood to talk, which is fine, and others are really enthusiastic about telling me things and hearing what I have to say. They love that I’m Irish and they love my name (an Emma is not nearly as common a thing in Yankland seemingly) and one woman said she loved my glasses. Oh, and someone else liked a bracelet I was wearing. And another woman admired my blue fingernails. Nasty shoppers in Target are a rarity and I love that. It makes the back pain and profuse sweating(!) a lot easier to deal with. I would actually really like to keep working here but, alas, third-level education and a mountain of incomprehensible English literature beckons. (Speaking of incomprehensible English literature, my sister-in-law gave me a super-fun Shakespeare t-shirt which I shall unveil in the not-too-distant future, by which I mean some other time when I don’t look like a goat.)

That is all for now. Au revoir. x


I love birthdays, I really do. Other people’s birthdays, I mean. I love doing nice things for people on their birthday, even if I have no money (which is usually the case). I think the thought behind giving someone a little card or a cupcake is so important and so sweet and you don’t need money – you just need to want to do something nice for someone. And I love that so much. I look forward in my mental calendar to try to think of whose birthday is coming up next so I can prepare something nice for them. If I’m not wrong, Jamie’s birthday is next but, unfortunately, I won’t be there to join in the festivities. I’m pretty sure I’m after that, followed by my brother, then Deirdre, Colm and a few others. September is full of birthdays.

I never enjoy my own birthday, which is quite sad. I invariably end up in tears, for reasons I can never express. Mostly it’s disappointment. I feel like I put quite a bit of effort when I can into other people’s big days and I don’t get the same in return. But you know what? I shall plan my own birthday celebrations this year and it shall be great. (I have some fun bunting in mind already!) And I’ll bake cakes. And it will be an awesome birthday. See that? That’s proactive. Rather than spend another birthday feeling sorry for myself, I will do what I can to make it super. But if you’re interested to know, in the line of presents, something like this would be awesome:

Whore Slut Tea Set

My birthday is exactly a month away and the years are going by so fast. I remember my 16th birthday clearly. Zoo, cider, boyfriend. Well, not clearly. Through a haze of drunken memory, really. But nonetheless. That was probably my favourite birthday actually. It was fun. Fun. Proper fun. This year will be fun too. (I’m working on the colour scheme in my head as I type!)

Ooh, now that we’re on the subject of birthdays and presents, I have a wish-list as long as my arm. Sadly, they will only ever be wishes – it’s very unlikely that they’ll come to fruition. Apart from a swear-word tea-set, I would also like some new clothes, a set of fairy lights and a bottle of tequila.

Oh, and this bad boy:


Please? Yeah, I’m probably gonna have to slog and slave to be able to afford this gorgeous block of technology. Who knew you could fall in love with a piece of machinery? (Although, stranger things have happened. I remember hearing about that woman who married a bit of the Berlin wall but then cheated on it with a fence. I’m not even joking.)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

sunshine yellow.

My blog views are up by over 100%, which is wonderful! I think this calls for a celebratory post. Pity I am too tired to function, let alone think of a decent blog post. Hmm. What time am I finished work tomorrow? Seven …  Hmm. We'll see. I shall definitely do a post or two about Outsidelands, which is coming up this weekend. I am most excited about Friday’s line-up: I can’t wait to see The Shins, MGMT, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ellie Goulding and Foster the People. It will be lovely and fabulous and I shall do an outfit post to show you all what indie/ thrift store finds I’ll be sporting to fit in with all the mods and hipsters in Golden Gate Park.

In the meantime, I will inform you that work is going well and I am exhausted. I am still penniless but due to get paid on Friday and I have my eye on this chunky, plastic, bright, fun watch. And with my 10% discount, how can I possibly leave this beauty behind? My only issue is that it’s also available in purple, pink, green and blue so I’m having trouble deciding which one I absolutely want. But yellow is probably a good jumping-off point into the world of cheap and cheerful watches. :)Yellow Watch Target 

Image from

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

t-bar delight.

The lovely Dina of Voguely Van is hosting a giveaway on her site at the moment. These amazing Jellybean chunky-heeled shoes are up for grabs:

Chunk Shoes

Go check it out! These bad boys could be yours. Or mine. Who knows? :)

Photo courtesy of Voguely Van.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


So I’ve been blogging for quite a while now and I know I’ve got a loyal enough readership though very few of you seem to want to make your presence known here by actually commenting. However, you comments will be rewarded in the coming weeks. I’ll be hosting a giveaway to mark my 500th post (which is still quite a few posts away, mind you). Though some posts have been deleted and edited over the past two years, I like to think the good, juicy ones remain. Here’s to more of the same in the future!

Anyway, in Post No. 500, you’ll be asked to comment and one lucky son of a gun will receive a bag full of American goodies courtesy of me. And if only one person comments, that one person will receive said goodies.

Good luck!

(This is just a little FYI, BTW.)