Thursday, July 28, 2011

a rare post about actual fashion.

Topshop’s visions for Autumn/ Winter 2011 are broken down into four categories: ‘Prim & Polished’, ‘New Mod’, ‘Glam Underground’, and ‘Bavaria’. I’m definitely leaning towards the primped and primed end of the spectrum with a little influence from ‘Bavaria’. ‘New Mod’ seems too harsh and ‘Glam Underground’, while undeniably stylish, is not very practical for college and running around and the kind of tomfoolery that I get up to on a daily basis.

Here’s a few of my favourite of Topshop’s looks from each category:

Prim & Polished

Prim 1 Prim 2
Prim 3 Prim 4

This is without a doubt the most achievable look for me. It’s elegant and casual and quirky at the same time and I love it. I especially love the over-the-knee socks and the patterned blue trousers.

New Mod

Mod 1

The mod look, in general, I find to be very hard on the eyes. However, I think this particular outfit is actually quite visually appealing. I love the contrast between each piece and I especially approve of the leopard print dress – most of the other outfits were a trouser/ top combo but I think the dress gives the look a bit more femininity while still being true to the mod trend. And as for those boots and that gorgeously vibrant blue cardigan? I have fallen in love. Who knows? Maybe I could make this look work.

Glam Underground

Glam 1

This look is wonderful, right? I’m admiring it in the same way that I would admire a painting: it’s beautiful, but I can’t wear it. I absolutely know that some of you are the masters (or mistresses?) of the goth/ glam/ vampire/ rock-star look but I also absolutely know that I could not pull it off. And that’s okay. It doesn’t suit me and it doesn’t suit my lifestyle but, you know, it’s still pretty. No judgments made.


Bavaria 1

I love this look. I don’t know if it would work for me or my body-shape but I am dying to give it a try. I love the hat and headscarf combination and I’m slowly working up the courage to wear a maxi skirt. The velvet is definitely an incentive – it’s rich-looking and cosy and winterish and I am utterly besotted with it. Mainly because I have an ongoing love affair with thrift- and charity-shops and this entire outfit looks like it was plucked from the depths of some back-alley second-hand shop. Like I said – besotted. You know, Andy Warhol told us to ‘think rich, look poor’ and this is definitely an idea I can get on board with.

In terms of style staples for AW11, I’ve already made a list. Lucky I bought that black blazer because the tux is making an appearance this coming fashion season. Next on my list of things I need to equip myself with for the next few months is a pair of dotty trousers. Patterned trousers are going to be big – particularly those in bright colours – and I really love the Topshop ones in the first set of photos above. Fur is another thing I want to experiment with; I was mad for a faux fur jacket last year but my mother managed to put me off the idea by reminding me that our wet Irish winters will do a fur jacket no justice. But this year I plan to defy authority and purchase one anyway.

One final thing I am determined to get my hands on is a pair of T-bar red patent shoes, part of the 60s vibe that will once again be hitting the highstreet soon. Office has a pretty great selection at the moment so as soon as the moolah comes in, that’s where I’m headed. I’m liking the edginess of the studded pair – a nice twist.

Untitled 3

Images from Topshop and Office.

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