Wednesday, July 27, 2011

miscellaneous and irrelevant chatter.


Note to self: stop naming blog posts ‘yqrsdnqwdj’ and other random keyboard combinations. It’s getting very hard to keep track.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early and go for a walk/ jog. I went through a phase when I was about eleven of wanting to be really healthy so I used to go for a run every morning before school. This was primary school, mind you. I also became a vegetarian and was very committed to being skinny. Not surprisingly, I became anaemic and fainted all over the place, once outside Santa’s Grotto, which was sad. I lost an awful lot of weight. Eventually though, I began to miss chicken and sausages, after two years of surviving on veggie burgers and Quorn sausages (whatever the hell ‘Quorn’ is, I still don’t know to this day). Basically, I was very, very committed to being thin back then (a little too committed for such a young age – poor self-esteem, obviously) and I’m hoping that if I harness some of that energy and motivation now (you know, try to get access to those memories which I have mostly repressed), I’ll lose some lipids. Though hopefully not in such a dangerous manner. Then again, I do nothing in moderation so this could well be a downward spiral. But I am so unimaginably lazy, I might not have the mental energy in the morning, let alone the physical energy, to go running. Or my shuffling, lamb-like version of same. Whatever. This could go either way.

After my ‘run’, I’m going to eat a healthy breakfast and have a shower and paint my nails and do some laundry (did I just say ‘laundry’?) and go visit the Legion of Honor (where’s the ‘u’?) museum. The museum is currently hosting the Dutch and Flemish masterpieces. I’m hoping van Eyck will be there – it will be a nice blast from the past, not only from 15th century Belgium but also Leaving Cert art history – though I’m happy enough to settle for his contemporaries. Picasso was amazing and I reckon a little bit more culture can only do me good at this point.

If I can get up before noon tomorrow, it will be a miracle. My sleeping pattern has gone all wrong again. I say ‘wrong’, I mean ‘normal’. Normal for me. Abnormal according to my brother and probably the rest of the working world (except my sister-in-law, who works nights). I need to sort myself out. When I first arrived in the States, I was waking up at 8:30 am. Probably just out of nerves. Now I’m relaxed and listless and pretty much back to normal. Which is the problem. (And what is ‘normal’ anyway? My brother seems to think that if you disagree with him on anything, you’re as odd as the day is long. Which is why there is usually a good deal of tension between us: I am much too ‘different’, whatever that means.)

On a completely unrelated note, I have won a bid on eBay for a red flannel shirt. I never win bids on eBay. I never expect to win bids on eBay so I usually never have a way to pay for the items I do secure. Another thing to worry about. Although, it did only cost 99c. Bargain. Of course, it’s men’s XL so it may or may not have to go through the tumble dryer a couple of times. We’ll see.

That is all.

Au revoir, you beauties.



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