Saturday, July 23, 2011

didn’t need these things.





The above photographs are supposed to document the kinds of things that have been going on lately: me becoming a serious wine connoisseur, me baking a cake that fell apart almost instantaneously, a trip to the Japanese tea gardens in Golden Gate Park (a bit of a disappointment due to the sheer volume of tourists, I’m sorry to say) and a brief walk along Ocean Beach.

The rest of my life which is not worthy of my amazing photography skills (or, in the case of my face, is not feeling particularly photogenic at the moment) has been taken up with settling into my new room – a spacious yellow thing with a double bed and a closet and a bedside lamp. This is a serious promotion from the pathetic air mattress on which I spent the last six weeks. You should see this room. It is wonderful. It is exactly the kind of place I want to be with someone I love. This is terribly impossible right now but fret not: I can hear the Russians downstairs having sex so, you know, I’ll just get my kicks from that. Thankfully, I’m joking. That would be a very bleak thing to have to do – be a voyeur to the downstairs tenants’ sexcapades. Thankfully, things aren’t that bad yet.

On a brighter note, I’m really enjoying making people happy at the moment. But I sort of wish I was closer to the epicentre of things, closer to the people whom I want to cheer up. In other words, I sort of want to be at home. But another month here won’t kill me. Not when I have so much to do at any rate: write that essay, book my driving test, book my ticket home. Lots of things.

So I’ve been sort of thinking about love lately and I’ve sort of been wondering if you’d take care of me when I feel like shit. And I’m wondering if that would even matter.

Factually speaking, me and my favourite (and often deplorable) big brother went to see Bad Teacher tonight. It was pretty amusing, often vulgar. It made me hate Justin Timberlake just a bit. It also made me want to make violent love to Jason Segel. (I don’t know why I said ‘violent’. Just for effect, I suppose.) And Cameron Diaz has aged a bit, hasn’t she? Still completely hotcakes, of course. Good movie. I recommend it. Emma Norris Seal of Approval.

My lovely sister-in-law has denoted some of her old cameras to the cause that is Emma’s Quest for a Sense of Purpose. They’re the old type. You know, film. Think SLR’s great-grandparents. Yeah, retro. I have yet to to investigate them but I will keep you posted. I really adore how artsy my sister-in-law is. She’s very creative and very enthusiastic but she seems to lose interest pretty quickly too, which is why I ended up with her embroidery floss, her wool and knitting needles, her beads and now, her cameras. Talk about falling on your feet – I fell into a whole lot of art. And I am thrilled. (And did I mention we went to the Picasso exhibition at the de Young museum last week? I fangirl’d everywhere.)

Anyway, that is it for now. A good night’s sleep and maybe a drive tomorrow. Maybe even another blog post.


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  1. The part about the Russians made me laugh - love it. :)


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