Monday, June 06, 2011

fake tales of san francisco.

I am jetting off to the beautiful city that is San Francisco on Wednesday. For the whole summer! I’m staying with my wonderful big brother who’s been living in the city with over ten years.

I am excited and nervous and still in disbelief. But I have everything ready to go: passport, J1 Visa, ticket. I’ve even volunteered to help out at the San Francisco Pride celebrations on the 25th and 26th June. If you’re around, give me a shout, yeah?
emmajnorris at hotmail dot com

Expect lots of silly photos of random San Franciscan people as well as uncultured and ignorant posts about, I dunno, food and Fisherman’s Wharf and that crooked street. Everything really. Ooh, and Chinatown.

I’m looking forward to the Pride parade, Independence Day, hopefully going to a few comedy gigs, visiting Old Navy and Forever 21 and all those lovely American shops and meeting the lovely Ray, my internet friend of almost five years, a Californian. (We’ll drink coffee like we’ve been talking about all these years and hopefully he won’t turn out to be a serial killer.)

I’ve been to San Francisco before but I was only 11 and not nearly old enough to appreciate it. This time, I am ready to soak up every last bit of it !

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