Sunday, June 19, 2011

a late night post.

1 small patch of sunburnt skin.

10 neon pink fingernails.

1 iPod with a dead battery.

34,2o4 pieces of snotty tissue scattered around the house.

2 books from the Twilight series.

1 Beach Boys t-shirt.

1 semi-deflated air mattress.

5 different kinds of moisturiser.

2 movies that made me wish my life was different.

3 make-up brushes.

2 tired feet.

5 dollars worth of phone calls home.

2 days of missed medication.

1 lovely chicken dinner.

1 unrequited love (maybe).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

first love, last love.

So I’ve been in San Francisco for a week and these seven days have been characterised by firsts: my first time eating sushi, my first time at a gym, and my first time travelling around a big city on my own (Limerick doesn’t count if the only places I go are Penneys and St Anne’s hospital). I also had my first burrito and taco and my first experience of the humdrum fiscal aspects of living in the States (like renewing a business license). I have an American cell (cell? mobile.) phone number and I’ve applied for a Social Security Number and I’m in the process of opening a bank account and I have a job interview tomorrow morning with the lovely people at Clean Water Action. My brand new American life is off to a good start. Here are some (few, as of yet) pictures to illustrate my experience of San Francisco so far:

Here is a notebook I bought today at Walgreens. I don’t know about you but, to me, it absolutely screams United States of Things That Are American. It totally reminds me of Harriet the Spy. Anyone remember that movie?

I also bought this tan-building moisturiser (Jergens – what a fantastic word!), which I saw advertised on the telly. But then, what isn’t advertised on the telly over here? I’m not even joking, I saw a ‘commercial’ for the TV hat, which is quite honestly the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in a while. I thought it was taking the piss, I really did. Anyway, here’s the moisturiser, if you’re interested:

This lovely baby pink nail polish was only 99c and I travelled all the way to America to buy Rimmel compact powder. On  my private jet, no less.

This bag from Target was exactly what I needed for college. Beige and tan, it will go with pretty much every item of clothing I own and at $24.99, it seemed like a good investment, especially compared to the hand-me-down navy Adidas bag I used throughout First Year. I’m definitely not the sporty type so that bag looked obnoxiously out of place on my back.

My room at home is getting repainted so I bought this cute metal sign at the World Market to stick on my wall when I get back to the Emerald Isle:

This necklace is also from the World Market. I’m not sure what I like about it and I don’t know who that randomer is, but I really do love this necklace. It seems very bohemian or vintage or something. I like the religious imagery a lot. It’s unique and nice and only cost five bucks. (Ooh, I’ve come over with a twang!)

The part of my new Californian life that isn’t centred around material possessions has been focused on finding a job and finding my way around, as well as trying to get used to the taste of watery milk and sleeping on the floor and just generally experiencing new things. Life is nice.

This is has been a terribly boring blog post. My apologies.

Monday, June 06, 2011

fake tales of san francisco.

I am jetting off to the beautiful city that is San Francisco on Wednesday. For the whole summer! I’m staying with my wonderful big brother who’s been living in the city with over ten years.

I am excited and nervous and still in disbelief. But I have everything ready to go: passport, J1 Visa, ticket. I’ve even volunteered to help out at the San Francisco Pride celebrations on the 25th and 26th June. If you’re around, give me a shout, yeah?
emmajnorris at hotmail dot com

Expect lots of silly photos of random San Franciscan people as well as uncultured and ignorant posts about, I dunno, food and Fisherman’s Wharf and that crooked street. Everything really. Ooh, and Chinatown.

I’m looking forward to the Pride parade, Independence Day, hopefully going to a few comedy gigs, visiting Old Navy and Forever 21 and all those lovely American shops and meeting the lovely Ray, my internet friend of almost five years, a Californian. (We’ll drink coffee like we’ve been talking about all these years and hopefully he won’t turn out to be a serial killer.)

I’ve been to San Francisco before but I was only 11 and not nearly old enough to appreciate it. This time, I am ready to soak up every last bit of it !