Friday, May 13, 2011


Here is my life lately in photographic format. It’s been hectic and stressful and full of study and watching telly and booking my flight to Yankland (about which I’ll post later). I’m in a fantastic mood lately. Everything is nice and sweet and wow. You know?

I was looking through old toys last week (because I wanted to make one of these – don’t ask) and I found my old Baby Born. Cute, right? Takes me back. Here’s a fun anecdote: my mother pierced my Baby Born’s ears. I’m not even joking. I think she used a sewing needle. This is not even surprising – I had my ears pierced for my Christening when I was six weeks old. Is that bad parenting? Possibly. Poor little baby ears.

Also this happened while getting out of the shower in college the other day. Got my toe stuck on the step of the shower. Well sore. Look at that dirty bruise! (And excuse my rotten toes, like.)

Moved home from college this week, too. Finished First Year. So strange. I’ll probably be back in August to sit repeats but for now it’s bye-bye Limerick, bye-bye Plassey and bye-bye wasting my life as an Arts student. I had so much stuff coming home from Limerick that I barely fit in the car with all of it. Here’s the pile of it back at home home:

Loads, like. Here’s my desk, almost collapsing under the weight of a 4,000 page English literature anthology, among other worthless paraphernalia and books about nothing at all. Love it.

Actually, that purple hoody is my class hoody and it’s lovely. It’s got my name and everything. And such a lovely colour. That picture does it no justice, obviously – it really is beautiful.

I now have no room for clothes in my wardrobe so I’ve taken to draping the outside of it with bits of clothes and scarves and the ten thousand bags I own. I also have a pile of shoes about a foot high off the ground.

So many items of clothing and I complain I have nothing. I spend most of my time in my jammies anyway. Is it bad that I dread summer purely ‘cause I hate shaving my legs? Such a classy lady. Actually, on the subject of shaving, I think I’ve got ingrown hairs. You know. There. I know that’s too much information by, like, a tonne, but I don’t care. Ow. Sympathy, please.

This has been a crap blog post.

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