Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This is my new phone:


Isn’t it beautiful? I love it. It’s such a fun shape. You should have seen my other phone. I feel dirty just thinking about it. It was held together with black insulating tape. Ughh. I love Sony Ericsson though. For the last four years, I’ve only owned Sony Ericsson phones. This phone reminds me of my red phone which reminds me of forever ago. Which is, you know, interesting. Also, I’m on O2 now. So yeah. Exciting stuff.

A disaster of a thing happened today though. It was an email. It was terrible. I can’t go into it, it’s just a bit too bleh. Anyway, I’m trying to resolve it. Please pray for me. It could mean my education.

Also, would that grant ever hurry up? This is ridiculous. It’s not even the grant people’s fault anymore, it’s the stupid people in the academic administration. And they’re quite rude. Hurry up, airgead.

Painted my nails, skin’s getting better, Zoolander is on. Life is okay.

My Yankland brother got me an iPod during Black Friday. 16GB. I can’t even begin to explain how much these 16GB mean to me. 4,000 songs. Beautiful, really.

Anyway, yeah. Goodbye. x

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

teeth and things.

A brand new blog post and sooner than you expected. Aren’t you lucky!

So this is my last week in my first semester of my first ever year of college. It’s been good. Very good. Exhausting and upsetting at times, but mostly good. And I know I have a whole other semester to go but I’m really going to miss this room next year. I love my college room. I prefer it to my home room.

Yes, that is a can of cider. One of the many, many perks of living away from home. Also, this photo was taken in early October so that wall there is even more hidden with various leaflets and post-its.

My washing basket and sink. And spare toilet paper and shampoo. I used to think it was strange to have a sink in a bedroom. Not anymore!

My lovely (and terribly comfortable) bed.  It has the world’s thinnest mattress but it’s quiet and it’s warm and I love it. (Also, that teddy? My brother got it for me when I was only little and it is my favourite thing in the world.)

Anyway, I’ll miss this place. This specific place. How clean our house is. Even though it’s shit, like. Actually, you know what I won’t miss? Our shower curtain. It gives me the creeps. If I touch off it accidentally when I’m in the shower, I feel like I have to start over and wash myself again. That’s how dirty it is. Or appears to be. I don’t know.

Geography aside, I have so much to do this week. I wasted today, sort of. I went to all two of my lectures (one at 10 am and one at 5 pm) but had a nap in between. And I’ve done nothing all evening except have a shower and eat. And talk to my brother. And brush my teeth. And floss. (My brother desperately wants me to get braces. He’s thirty and he’s getting them now. He reckons I should get them now as well, as in, sooner rather later. My teeth are pretty crap. My bottom ones are just awful. I’m even more paranoid about them since he started harping on during the summer. And gum disease runs in my family so there’s another thing! I have a dentist appointment soon so, yeah, we’ll see.)

Tomorrow I shall do lots of work. I shall go to all my lectures. (Even Academic Literacies? Hmm. Maybe not.) I will go to the library and stay there until I get something done. I will also not eat anymore shite foods. And I’ll go for a lengthy walk. My bum is only getting bigger…

I’m looking forward to Christmas. Mostly I’m looking forward to material things, but dinner and spending time with Mummy Dearest will be lovely too. Home is nice. (Weekends are terrible: my mother does not stop talking. It is exhausting.)

I think that’s me done for now. Glee and bed, please. Thank you. So long.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

generate the music that makes ya feel better.

Perhaps I ought to do another blog post soon.

I shall.

As soon as I get my Christmas holidays.

Just one more week.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I’ve become a lazy blogger: I’m now using Tumblr. I’m hoping it’ll be temporary and I really can’t stop myself. It’s nice to say things that no one else will know about, particularly the people I’m writing about. Only a few people know the URL (well, hopefully only a few, since I had the URL on this page and removed it only recently. It’s nice. Privacy – or at the very least, anonymity – is nice. :)

Things are strange lately. I think my head’s gone funny again.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

dream catch me when i fall.

 It was never the ‘dickhead’ that made me paranoid, it was those on the outside looking in. The people speculating about how insane I was. What a waste of time I was. I was no good. I was psychotic. And messed up. Those people are still there, the people who don’t like me and who will never like me, no matter what I do. Maybe they’re not speculating anymore though. They don’t know me well enough to know that I am insane. They know I’m a bit strange but they don’t know that I think like this. I don’t know. I feel like I’m in a time warp.

This is three years ago and my heart is thoroughly consumed. I didn’t think that this would ever happen again. It is terrifying. And it’s making me sad. No, not sad. Emotional. Tearful. Confused. I want everything to be right but I know I’m making everything wrong.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Kate Nash, Nicest Thing.

This is beautiful. (:


“When I'm not with you, all I think about is you. And when we're together, all I want to do is look into your eyes and never ever stop.” (letterstocrushes.com)


"If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? Nobody."
J.D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye


"Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh."
W.H. Auden


Willard: People think she's a hellraiser. 
Ren: Is she?
Willard: I think she's been kissed a lot.

source: http://kissssing.blogspot.com/


It’s raining and I’m away and I’m in love.

This is my new favourite blog.



I cannot sleep. I cannot wait for Christmas. I cannot wait to have a proper job in four year’s time and be able to buy lovely things like this. I cannot wait to be not ill. (That will be nice.) I cannot wait to see you all over again.

Life is sweet all the same.