Thursday, October 21, 2010

good things and new things.

I phoned the County Council yesterday to ask about my grant. They haven’t got to my form yet. I see this as a good thing. It at least explains why I haven’t got the funds yet and contradicts my thoughts about them deciding that I lived a much too luxurious life to warrant them giving me their money. Which is fantastically untrue. In the meantime, while they work through Batches 13 and 14, I’ll sit pretty. And poor. But it’s okay.

Class Rep duties. I’m not good at them. I’m good at communicating, I think. (I like to think.) I’m not in the mood though, at the moment. So I’m letting things pile on top of Colm for the time being. Which is terrible. But we’ll get purple hoodies and it will be okay. And I will make it up to Colm. There will be cider and crisps involved. Pub flavoured crisps.

Today was productive. Yesterday too. Yesterday, I rang the Grants People and went to find the Welfare Officer (failed, but I now know when and where to find him tomorrow). I also bought dividers, a glossy magazine and a student diary (a fact about me: if I don’t write things down, they won’t happen). I got an extension on my essay, which was desperately needed. I went to see the student counsellor who was lovely and who I’ll return to see in a week or two, which is nice. I like talking about things. It keeps me sane.

I got dinner yesterday too. With vegetables. It was exciting. And healthy. And lovely. Chicken and broccoli bake with garlic potatoes. Yum. 

Today, I met with the other kids in my group for our project for Cultural Studies. We’re metaphorically going to college in Germany and we’re gonna find out the cultural differences. We interviewed Casper. I am not even joking. He was cute. I want to live in Germany/ be German.

I printed out lots of notes and read The Playboy of the Western World, which is a very, very funny play. I did most of the readings for my lectures for the next two days. I highlighted things. I got a book out of the library. In fact, I spent hours in the library today. Very productive indeed.

Tomorrow I will go to lectures and tutorials, including the notorious Jason King tutorial, in which I will weep probably. (I hate him. I am also terrified of him.) After that, I will do assignments. I will double space and reference. It will be amazing. Then I will go to that Fight Like Apes gig and drink cider and relax for a few hours. It will be good.

On a more graphic note, my body seems to be going into shutdown. My immune system has gone to poo and merde. I won’t go into the gross details but suffice it to say that my whole body has been affected by this college thing. I have an eye infection. Why, like? Just why? And a nosebleed. This is too tragic. Even for Shakespeare.

Happily though, this weekend is a long one, meaning an extra night at home. This is lovely and very much appreciated. I am looking forward to it, especially since I left my book at home and was nearing the dénouement. Poo and merde. (I’m feeling particularly French tonight. And German also. Just mainland European in general, I think.) Also, I’m going to be blonder this weekend. Hopefully. I am Blackie McRoots at the moment. It’s tragic, you know.

That’s about the bulk of my thoughts tonight. Goodbye.

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