Saturday, October 02, 2010


I have so much to say that I don’t know where to start. I haven’t blogged in a while. I blogged about scaffolding two weeks ago. Am I going insane? Probably. I have no time for anything. No time for blogging. I spent the whole of Sixth Year reading Twilight and composing rambling blog posts. Now I’m in college for about three hours a day and can’t find the time to waffle nonsensically for the amusement of the lovely people at home (and abroad). This is bewildering. I think I’m going to make a conscious effort to blog more regularly. I like it, ya know? I miss it. Sap.

So I’m a student of New Media and English. I’m still amazed by how perfect this is. I have fourteen college hours a week. I have Wednesdays off. I like this. I sleep lots. Way more than I need to. It’s probably due to all the carbohydrates I’ve been consuming. I can’t cook. I live off sandwiches, toast and pasta. I’m sluggish. I need more fruit. Less bread.

I have approximately 664,388 essays due next week, of which I have zero completed. Or even started. The number may be closer to four but I like hyperbole. (Apparently we’re not allowed to use hyperbole in academic essays. To say I am distraught is a gross understatement.) I have dedicated this weekend to reading collegey things and at least starting those essays.

I am ill. Again. Does this seem fair to you? It baffles me. I am sick again. That’s twice in one month. Granted, we’re in October now but even so. I was snotting and sneezing on the 29th September. Not fair.

Also, as we know, I am a complete klutz. What did I do the other day? I fell down the stairs. Ugh. I hurt my bum and was convinced I’d have a monster of a bruise on my back end. So obsessed was I with my bum that I didn’t notice my foot for another day or two. I’m certain it’s broken but it’s probably not. Probably just torn ligaments. Just? I’m in agony. Well, I was. For the last three days. Four maybe. I thought it was these boots that I own that are quite narrow. My feet are fairly (and tragically) broad so I reasoned it must be the shoes and my insistence on squeezing my feet into them. So I left the shoes off. Did the pain disappear? Nope. Just got worse, innit. My right foot swelled and I cried and complained. Of course, I overslept this morning and missed the doctor. So I have to wait ‘til Monday to go to the college doctor. (My mother has taken personal offence to the fact I overslept. Grow up, Mutti.)

Illness aside (and essays and carbohydrates), life is quite nice. College is nice. Exhausting. Strange. Belittling at times. But nice. It’s nice to be grown up and away from home and independent. Home is nice too. I like coming home. I like my bed and my shower and my mother. And being fed. Being fed proper food (vegetables!) is nice.

Life is good. If I can keep my head together, it will stay good.

(This was a poor quality blog post. My sincerest apologies. I’ll make it up to ye.)

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