Wednesday, September 01, 2010

in which i complain & covet.

I feel sick. Just awful. Ya know that weird headache you get when you have a cold? I have that. And I am weak. And hungry. But there is nothing to eat. Only carbohydrates. I do not want carbohydrates now (which is very unlike me, by the way). The electricity’s going to be off all day tomorrow meaning I’ll have to get up at seven to have a shower. Then the bless├ęd job interview at one o’clock, after which I’ll paint my nails green and, money providing, head to college. College. Actual third level education. Never thought I’d see the day. (I mightn’t yet though what with me being born under a bad sign and into the depths of poverty. Hurry up, money!)

On a cheerier note, my birthday’s in a week. Nineteen. Weird. Old. I suppose it’s okay though because I still only look fifteen. Ideal birthday present? I really, really want a red beret.

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  1. here... i know you've started college and you're probably busy and stuff but- PLEASE DON'T STOP POSTING! i miss reading your daily rambles. and i just put you on my new blogroll. don't make me take you off it!! xx


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