Friday, September 10, 2010

birthday, college, newton faulkner.

It’s been a week, hasn’t it? I know this because the last time I blogged I said, ‘It’s my birthday in a week’. And now it is my birthday. Well, now it isn’t. ‘Cause it’s two in the morning on 10th September. My birthday was yesterday then. The 9th. I am now the ripe old age of nineteen.

This year was my first ever birthday away from home, which was interesting. I am now a college student (confirmed my modules last night!) and have flown the coop. Sort of. I’ve ‘flown’ to UL but I’ll be back every weekend. This weekend, I am well and truly looking forward to my fancy birthday dinner with RHJ and going for beverages with the lads and seeing my mammy, not to mention my own bed, and most importantly (and tragically romantically) seeing you. I miss you.

But college is good. I am now a student of New Media and English, which is pretty perfect really. I have a lovely friend whom I met on my very first day. She is as insane as I am and we are doing the same course and it is wonderful. Are ye Bríd?! Olive! Two hundred euro!

Fresher Fest was a nice birthday present. I didn’t feel like forking out €18 for a ticket so my best friend paid for it as a birthday gift.

Newton Faulkner was lovely. He rather randomly ended up in my English lecture this morning (Academic Reading and Writing, EH0014) and sang us a song. It was pretty amazing. Like, an amazing start to the day. He was lovely at the Fresher Fest too. He was followed by Ocean Colour Scene who are a bit too nineties for me. Before my time, like. Still a good howl though.

As with every birthday, I got kind of sad earlier. Tension. Tiredness. Illness (I still have that cold, with a cough for added fun). My eyes welled up. But then someone said something funny and I had two glasses of cider and had a bit of a dance (very inconspicuous, therefore very unlike me). Then I felt okay.

An okay birthday was had. Considering I hate my birthday by default and usually expect the very worst from it, this birthday was sort of alright. And now I am nineteen. And old. And have crows feet. I dunno. I think I could work this look.

My first week of college has been interesting. Stressful. Smelly. Rainy. Humid. Good. Scary. Wonderful. It’s been everything. I really like it. I may or may not post something with a bit more substance about college, depending on how much time I have. Sadly, things aren’t looking good on the blogging front. Even though I’m an arts student and therefore a waster with very few lectures a week, I have no time for anything, least of all waffling on like this. Not this week anyway. I want to say, ‘Hopefully things will quieten down’, but I’m actually really enjoying the rush. Although whenever I laugh, I sound like I smoke forty cigarettes a day and I’m never going to get rid of this dirty cough unless I get a decent bit of rest soon. I don’t have a lecture ‘til one o’clock tomorrow so I shall indulge in a bit of a lie-in.

This was a poor update on my life. My sincerest apologies. I shall deliver a more cohesive report on the beginning of my third level education as soon as is humanly possible. Okay? Okay.

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  1. Glad you're enjoying it this far!

    Happy (belated) Birthday! :D x


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