Wednesday, July 07, 2010

unstylish tummy.

(Okay, so new blog layout. Feel free to leave constructive criticism and/ or support for my poor HTML skills in the comments section, okay? Okay.)

I’m feeling pretty inspired clothes-wise lately, having discovered the gorgeous blogs of Indiana Adams, Alyson Woods, Isabel, and The Style Rookie. They are each fantastic and uplifting and lovely fashion blogs which you should go read.

So the t-shirt I’ve been coveting for months arrived in the post the other day, courtesy of my Yankland brother’s credit card:

Make Awkward Sexual Advances

I’ve picked up a few items of clothing lately, despite my perpetual poverty. Most are things that my sister didn’t want and then two bits from Penneys. A few outfit posts are on the horizon, I think.

Bear with my paunch, okay? Operation Farewell Fatty has been on hold with the last week or two what with the awful knock my mood has taken lately, but is set to resume in the morning when I shall walk four miles. Oh yes. Oh blimey. O’Reilly’s trousers.


  1. I like the new layout, though I'll always associate your blog with that tv picture! Iunno... it seemed to suit the blog!

    New one's nice too though <3

  2. decided you were right. changed it back to the telly, just for you. anyway, that other layout was a bit too cluttered for my likin'.


  3. The fact that you know what HTML is, is a win in itself


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